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Slayyyter - Self-titled mixtape

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by OspreyQueen, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. The video is fantastic, and the song is good/perhaps a grower. I’m glad she’s back.
  2. The song sounds as if Daddy AF was put through the demon font generator. Not really doing anything for me at the moment but “pussy real fat, with a tight bleached asshole” is a scream.

    I hope it’s a nice smooth rollout from here on out.
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  3. “Ur not exactly McDonalds” ddd I love her.
  4. This is so, so accurate, my god!!!

    The video is such a shoot, love this.
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  5. Oop this is absolutely why I stan, Daddy AF remains Slayyyter top 3 for me.
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  6. It's good, but I prefer Daddy AF and 2003.
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  7. This sounds great. I'm perched for the album. I'm manifesting a Rebecca Black feature to appear
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  8. I'm kinda sad Sunshine got scrapped (but I understand why). I think it would've been a great intro to her newer sound and you can hear how it fits together with the new song, sonically speaking.
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  9. Some rumours, courtesy of L**aBoards:
    The album is called Troubled Paradise and the following songs are on it:
    • Cowboys
    • Troubled Paradise
    • Butterflies (Interlude)
    • Clouds
    • Serial Killer
    • Doghouse
    • Letters
    • Over This!
    • Self Destruct
    • Throatzillaaa
    • Venom
    • Villain
  10. This info is probably coming from this random account that commented in her live the other day. I screenshotted it.

    Also interesting that no one posted anything about it being called Trouble Paradise for 8 months, now it's all starting to come out.
  11. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    Daddy AF is her worst song for me dd but this...kinda works? She's so easy to just root for.
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  12. Daddy AF is actually her best song after Mine and it's so satisfying that after all the hate it got on release it's now her most streamed song on Spotify. Popjustice.
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  13. This is chaotic, intriguing and satisfying, I’m perched.
  14. Isn't that because it had a bit of a viral moment on TikTok?
  15. I don't know but a lot of her songs are extremely memeable and could all have a moment on tiktok to be honest.
  16. Alone is her best song.
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  17. She does have some amazing pop-sensibilities, especially with songwriting.
    I'm super excited for the upcoming album, ugh.
  18. Devil is my fav in all its (I've Just Begun) Having My Fun ripoffery.
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  19. BFF, Daddy AF, Ur Man

    I can’t pick a fave but those are the three.
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