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Slayyyter - Self-titled mixtape

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by OspreyQueen, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. I'm only properly listening to Sweet 16 now and I get why she scrapped it. It doesn't really go anywhere, does it?
  2. Ugh, I can't handle how much this album takes me back to being a 16-year-old faglet in the early 2000s. How does someone so young get it so right?
  3. dd because we were children growing up with that music as inspiration? She's 23
  4. I could have sworn she was like 19/20. Oop!
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  5. There are more songs she wants to include a deluxe edition of Slayyyter, and one of them is called Dog House:

    I don’t know if she’s trolling but apparently there’s a Lindsay Lohan collab too:

    She also talked a bit about the mood for the next project:

    It will have some ballads / chill tracks and she wants to re-record Swimming Pool for it. She wanted to use the original production but she couldn’t get in touch with the guy who made the original beat.
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  6. This record is nothing short of incredible. Just goes to show why properly tipping your waitresses is important - you never know when the next pop supreme on the cusp of brilliance is standing in front of your eyes.
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  7. I know it’s not “objectively” album of the year, but this is easily my favorite release of 2019.
    I wish we got at least one more “high budget” video for it like Daddy AF.
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  8. I want a video for Ur Man!!
  9. There's just something so special and exciting about an artist at the very beginning of their career, especially when they're delivering the goods the way she does. I'm so so so happy and proud right now. She's got so much potential.
  10. I'll admit, aside from Mine, it's been a struggle for me to get on board with Slayyyter's material until the album was released. It had all the ingredients of something I should adore, but it all sounded too rough/demo-y for me to buy in. That said, I can't stress how well this all works as a full collection. I suddenly have zero complaints from start to finish, and while new tracks like Celebrity, Tattoo, and Touch My Body are the biggest highlights, they bring new life to songs I was previously apathetic about.
  11. I still don't get why she used up her video budget for Daddy AF instead of Mine.
  12. She was already pushing Daddy AF by the time she signed that two-song deal with Big Beat, I think. No sense in going back and making a video for a song they were moving on from
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  13. Lowkey I think I love her crunchier songs like Daddy AF & Cha Ching the most. Everything slaps but I love a mess.
  14. My signature.
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  15. Also, I must say that adding in Platform Shoes, Hello Kitty, I'm High, and Crush On U makes for a transcendent listening experience.
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  16. I like Daddy Af but I have to be in a certain chaotic mood for it... I’ve been skipping it in my album listens nn
  17. I’m amazed at how good this is, each song keeps growing on me so much. ‘Touch My Body’ has completely taken control over my life.
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  18. Daddy AF still leaves me pretty cold if I’m honest. At least it gave us her first video with a budget though
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  19. I don’t know that ‘Daddy AF’ totally works on its own merits (and initially left me cold too) but sort of comes alive for me in play throughs. I think the all-out chaos compliments the relative sheen of the more traditional sounding tracks around it.
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  20. Wait, girls.

    For some reason I had it in my head that I hated her music (I'm not sure why) but I'm just listening to the album mixtape now and it's fucking amazing?!

    It's literally the second album that Willa Ford never got to release and I love it for that.
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