Slayyyter - STARFUCKER (Deluxe)

I'm watching her live right now @ fucking 2AM.
  • She played unreleased tracks which sounded un-fucking-real, potential title could have been In the Rain, wants it to be the title track for S2
  • Also played Doghouse, certified bop
  • That Kid collab (for his project), which her laptop died while playing ddd, title might be Can't Stop
  • Chokezilla (?!?!) was super grimy, this new sound is otherworldly
  • Fuck With Fame (?) which she claims to be her best track ever
She spilled a Whiteclaw all over her table and laptop dDDD
All the snippets she's been playing on her livestreams all sound very pop still. She said she knows her audience and won't do a major genre shift. Also that the main difference between her previous project and the new one is that this one will be less nostalgic sounding.

Serving Anna Paquin in X-Men looks