Slayyyter - STARFUCKER (Deluxe)

I could see a 5 year anniversary release dropping next year. The entire thing getting remixed and remastered (Cathy, pay Heba Kadry to do it, she's the best in the business), with additional songs. Lead single being a new track with Ayesha.

Yeah, I think something might be in the works. She also unarchived her mixtape posts on Instagram while all the ones for Troubled Paradise remain hidden (dd)

This is my first time listening to any of the deluxe tracks, and... "James Dean" is the one. It recaptures the same deranged energy that's present in some of my favorites from the regular tracklist, and I love the way it mixes cunt-to-da-cunt-to-c-c-cunt stylings with garage-leaning production.

Make a bitch wanna slit ha wrists
He ain't never met another girl like this
I don't need ass when I'm Miss New Tits
I don't need cash, I don't pay for shit
Sound like Slayyyter but it's not hitting
It's my track that the DJ's be spinning
It's not you whores that keep on, keep winning

I heard your new song and, bitch, it's not giving!

Ugh, she just gets it. Artist of the year in all of our hearts!



The deluxe is a total triumph. Starfucker is so instant??? I can’t believe it was even left off but I guess she had the track limit and tbh idk what she’d replace with it.

Make Up has totally crept up on me and James Dean straight into I Love Hollywood…

I’m so obsessed with her
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Fuck her label for not letting her put out more of these amazing bops.
This album should be raking in the acclaim. The nerve to drop an already perfect album and then add even more great songs on top of it? Gooped, gagged, etc.