Slayyyter - STARFUCKER (Deluxe)

The title track is very Electra Heart coded in a way I can’t explain but still totally Slayyyter in its delivery and structure.

Also a bit of a gag that it was produced by Cirkut? I wonder if he worked on anything else for this album.
Honestly, all three tracks perfectly add to the Starfucker cinematic universe. Starfucker is a certified and instantly iconic Slayyyter club banger, 'Makeup' is the slinky Britney midtempo, and 'James Dean'...well, WIG.

I think 'Fountain Baby' might be tied to this still, but with this deluxe this is truly my album of the year, an absolute delight from start to finish. It's felt like both a slow burner and completely immediate, which is not something everyone has!!!
I added the songs into the tracklist as well like so:

1. I Love Hollywood!
2. Miss Belladonna
3. Dramatic
4. My Body
5. Memories Of You
6. Rhinestone Heart
7. Makeup (ft. Lolo Zouaï)
8. Erotic Electronic
9. Purrr
10. James Dean
11. Plastic
12. Girl Like Me
13. Tear Me Open
14. Monster
15. Out Of Time
16. Starfucker

An experience!!!
I’m starting my first listen. Now entering: Divatown

Cannot get over how it keeps getting better.

James Dean is a Lana song if she decided to serve cunt. She just needed to change the chorus rhyme to "Marilyn" for a second. No further explanation. MakeUp is probably the "lowest" on the re-release and yet it's catchy as hell, it just should pop a little harder (which is funny because the Demo sounding more ~dry makes it pop harder but who cares!!!).

and the title track is just fantastic. The transformations it went through... that's talent!