Slayyyter - STARFUCKER (Deluxe)

Speaking of “Memories of You”, not sure if anyone saw that the original version called “Cruel” leaked a couple weeks back. That hook is… really devastating and kind of speaks more directly to the album’s ~storyline

That totally explains the second verse of the final version being
Your cruel ways
Kept me hangin' on
So sorry
That you never wanted love.
Her mind.
Finally got to listen to the new tracks and the only possible reaction is


HOW does she do it???
he / him
I just discovered the first demo of "Starfucker" and it slaps. I hope that she manages to sell it to another artist, seeing as it's an entirely different song that happens to have the same title.
Album of the year for me and it's not even close.
The additional 3 tracks are all stellar, as per the rest of the main album.
I can't remember the last time an artist did a full album then a deluxe and I didn't want to skip anything.
The fact it's been months since it came out too and it's still on heavy rotation for me... Her power.