Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

My Spotify vinyl came earlier, and it is really pretty.

he / him
I'm still salty that a tour that travels to two out of the seven continents is called a world tour. Come to Australia, Cathy.
JK I bought tickets since they were so cheap and it's my birthday weekend so I thought i'd treat myself dd. First tickets i've purchased since the pandemic. You're welcome Slayyyter!
You're lucky the gig's in the middle of the week or you would've had to deal with my introverted ass. xx
Got tickets with friends for the London show! I must admit I have not used her debut as much as I used the mixtape, but there's no denying that when taken in sum, her discography as absolutely stacked only two projects in. I tried to put together a setlist for the tour (which I just know will be a religious experience) but I do feel I'm being slightly overambitious with the inclusion of twelve songs from the mixtape.