Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

Can we get a copy-pasted version when posting links to her tweets dd? Cause she's a known tweet & deleter.

Lmao I usually screenshot anything she says that she might delete:

this is such a mess of a day/week/month for me i feel like my life is just a dumpster fire that im forced to watch burn BUT i like got really toned and hot recently so thats a positive!
I actually wonder if those files that got exposed in the data breach were demos being passed internally in the recording process to give someone working on it a feel for the direction of the album?
Spend the Night leaked after the initial batch last week, which would make the total 7?
  • Tommy
  • Dramatic
  • My Body
  • Spend The Night
  • I Love Hollywood
  • Ms Belladonna
  • Rhinestone Heart
he / him
I've been in the middle of planning to fly to aus for Grooving In The Moo because she's meant to be one of the performers there, but all the other acts are terrible.
I thought that the line up was pretty good, tbh.

alt j, Eliza Rose, Fatboy Slim, Laurel, Ocean Alley, Omar Apollo and Slayyyter are a very solid line up.