Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

he / him
K make this kitty go "err!"
oke make this kitty go "work!"


Money make this kitty go "brr!"
olly, pussy going berserk.

I am not seeing nearly enough love for Dramatic. It's perhaps thee most emblematic song here, the way it marries the two vibes of the album, serving the cunty grime of Hollywood, Plastic, Erotic, Purr "let him do lines with me in the Hamptons" "I'm faithful to whoever's askin" "gotta man but you could be my lover" but over the softer 80s dance synths that dominate the rest of the songs on the album.

Also I NEED this to propel her to the notoriety she deserves so that Siri and Google stop playing death metal when I tell them to play her music.
Curiously went to check my order from her website and it’s been shipped with no info?? Hoping it’ll turn up before the end of the week, I need my tabloid t-shirt!
I ordered it off her store and with shipping it worked out at just over £20. A biT pricey for a CD but queen more than deserves the sale.
Alas it's sold out with no other option to buy it. I was too slow to get on the Slayyyter train. The hints of electroclash on this album are giving me life.