Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

he / him
He lives that dolce vita.
I want to be his sweetheart.
Go wherever he goes.


I make him a believer.
I let him turn the heat up.
He got me so in love.
I found it so interesting that while reading the Rolling Stones article (I think?), she mentions "Daddy AF" as sort of a "breakthough" moment. But "Mine" felt like the moment that things were kicking up in full gear and the first slayyyter wave. Truly, a classic.

To remember how anxiously I was for the full mixtape and next year it will be full 5 years since.... Stop time now.


I think the Daddy AF music video was the first time we actually got to like... see her? Before that it was all PhotoBooth pics ddd And yeah, everyone was kinda confused why it wasn't Mine getting that treatment.