Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

I'm High? ThatWasAClassic.gif

I am SO happy for Ms Cathy with this album. I've followed since the mixtape and got my world rocked by Mine, Ghosttt, etc. and Troubled Paradise, whilst still really good, didn't hit the mark like the mixtape era. And then she drops this.

This is SUCH a tour-de-force of an album, she really fucking did that and then some. I only hope this catapults her into the super stardom that she deserves (or at least to the level of label investment that Kim Petras undeservedly gets; the way this absolutely destroys both Feed the Beast and Problematique).

Also; Girl Like Me is the 11 in the sea of 10s here, let's be real.
I finally have my own ranking of the album

1. Miss Belladonna
2. Rhinestone Heart
3. Out of Time
4. Purr
5. Girl Like Me
6. Memories of You
7. My Body
8. Plastic
9. Dramatic
10. I Love Hollywood!
11. Erotic Electronic
12. Tear Me Open