Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

Make this kitty go purr

I’m pretty sure I discovered Slayyyter on this very forum under “Potential Next Big Things” several years ago during the random singles era. I latched onto “BFF” and have been stanning ever since. Starfucker is an absolute triumph and I’m so proud of all Miss Cathy has been able to achieve, despite the seemingly lack of label support and funding. Every track on the album is essential! The run of “Erotic Electronic” through “Plastic” is a rush and classic Slayyyter. “Memories Of You”, “Girl Like Me” and “Rhinestone Heart” show a softer side and serve hooks on hooks. “Miss Belladonna” and “Dramatic” combine the two sides to absolutely epic results and “Tear Me Open” sounds like a lost classic from some era I can’t define. She’s truly the most exciting artist in pop music right now for me. The fact that she’s so charismatic and effortlessly funny in the Starfucker diaries is just an added plus. This girl should be massive but, selfishly, I’m glad that she’s not because I was able to afford a meet & greet with Miss Y at her NYC date and I can’t wait to hear these songs live and tell Cathy she deserves the world. Maybe I’ll ask her if she lurks on Popjustice…


nn what did she say?
I mean, we already know she does lurk because of a few times where the timing matched between what she was tweeting and what we were talking about here. At the time the mixtape vinyl was about to head into production she tweeted something like "reading forums is great intel, I didn't know glitter vinyl was a thing", and I had just posted here about wanting that for the album. So when we met I was like "Hey girl, remember that one time? That was me!" and she was very sweet and seemed surprised that I would be all the way down here in Brazil. And the gig was insane, of course. There was also the time when I joked here about her deleting tweets and she was like "tweeting and deleting is a sexy person trait actually" but I didn't mention that one fffff