Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

The absolute fucking chokehold this masterpiece has on me is insane. I have not felt this way about a 'new' (and I know she has her previous records/mixtapes/eps/whathaveyous, but this feels like her The Fame/Born to Die/etc moment) artist in so long. Probably not since Lana.

I am rinsing the album obsessively, but I've been listening to the other tracks recorded for Starfucker that have leaked, and some of the cut tracks could easily fit into a deluxe edition of the album that fleshes out the 'lore' a bit.

Obviously many of you will probably disagree with me, but this is what I have thought while listening to all that has leaked, and what she released.

1. New Life
2. I Love Hollywood
3. Miss Belladonna
4. Dramatic
5. My Body
6. Memories of You
7. Rhinestone Heart
8. Erotic Electronic
9. Purr
10. Plastic
11. Girl Like Me
12. Love Me Not
13. Tear me Open
14. Out of Time
15. My Replacement

Introducing the album as someone who is like 'yay I can't wait to be famous! This will be amazing and easy!' to be immediately followed by the realization of the seedy underbelly of hollywood/fame, and then by the end of the album where you have questioning of desire (girl like me), panic (Love Me Not), followed by the dissection of what once was (Tear me Open), then the starlet realizing her time is over (out of time), and finally having to face the fact that her place in stardom will be easily replaced by the new it girl (My Replacement) would fully flesh out the entire 'narrative' of this album. Throw Tommy and Heartbreak in Stereo somewhere in the tracklist for us popjustice fags and you have a pretty stellar record!

Or maybe I'm just full of shit!

An easy re-release called Starfucked!
My brain for 0.05 seconds when My Body plays and it's not Blue (Da Ba Dee):


Am I the only one? Ffff

Anyway I think I've found my new gym/pre-drinking album, both this and Tension are currently being rinsed by me. I feel like they go together pretty well actually, Tension is the beginning of the night at a club, STARFUCKER is the club at 3am when it's dirty and sleazy (if that makes sense dd)
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Instead of a deluxe can we get a side b from her?

I don’t think Fader will go for it, and she seems pretty detached from all the other unreleased songs now since they’ve leaked and sucked the excitement out of putting more from this out. She did say she might still do a couple totally new tracks if a deluxe does happen.
If that's the case, I can't wait for some gay to release Tommy and Heartbreak in Stereo on Spotify completely unauthorised in 2026.
I listened to this once on the 6 hour drive home from Cornwall but I wasn’t paying much attention as I was sick of being in the car at that point.
I finally got round to playing it in full on Friday and dear CHRIST it’s exceptional.

I cannot with how good it is. A random thing, but I actually just love listening to it and watching the interactive album artwork in the Apple Music app. The little flashes of lightning out the window behind her and the smoke rising from her cigarette, it‘s just brilliant.

I can’t remember the last time I listened to an album start to finish and didn’t want to skip anything.
I'm on day 11 of rinsing the absolute hell of this album and it doesn't look like it'll be stopping anytime soon.

Album of the year tbh. Girl Like Me needs a single release for all us Little Starfuckers to relish in.
My vinyl arrived earlier. Topless one is a whole serve in person. I was worried after seeing some reviews say their “glass” disc had a big brown spot pressed in the center of it, but thankfully mine’s all clear.

Still waiting on Walmart since apparently my pre-order got stuck (???), so I had to wait for them to cancel and refund me so I could reorder. Should finally be here by Thursday.