Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

Well that escalated quickly.... Which vengeful Allie X stan did that to her?

Are we still getting that album though?

EDIT: Never mind apparently it was an Ayesha Erotica stan? That's mad because she's selling her old demos to slayyyter? These people need to get a grip.
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he / him
I saw her tweets before she deleted and she seemed devastated. Saying she felt like quitting. Gross.

I hope she feels ready to come back with that Xmas material she had been teasing but I can’t imagine how destroying this is.
Okay but I need this already. It's going to be my favorite song of her's just based off that clip of Ayesha's demo.

Hello Kitty > Dial Tone > BFF > Candy > Ghost > Platform Shoes > I'm High
She posted a super short snippet of it the other day:

I love Dial Tone but the male vocals on it kinda ruin it for me. For me it's:
Candy > Platform Shoes > BFF > Hello Kitty > I'm High > Dial Tone > Ghost
Oh wait that sounds fantastic even if there's obviously a few little production changes just from that small clip.

And That Kid's voice is kinda.. ddddd, but to me Ayesha and Slayyyterr both kill the song. Her verse is amazing and "call 1-800-SLAYYYTER for a good time, I can say some things that would blow your mind" is still my favorite lyric of her's.
The song, Boyfriend, that was gonna be on her album she gave away to That Kid:

ddd I kinda wish she kept it. This is the type of sound she does so good.