Slayyyter - STARFUCKER

I wonder if it's the TikTok x UMG situation? Makes sense if they want to hold out until the deal is sorted - it could really help her to have more visibility there.
She never said the new music was coming soon sis. We're in limbo I fear. Makes sense that she might be focusing on the mixtape re-release and a couple collabs this year, since she owns the rights to it and Fader can't stop her from doing anything with it. She's posted about "BFF" a couple times in particular, which is interesting...

Don't joke about that..... that would be so evil Fader Label of them to put her on ice just as she finally starts to draw some hype back nn. Whyyy they didn't put Love To Make out on Valentine's Day is so ??? to me.

I said it months back but it's mad she's not doing the UK pride circuit + Hoopla this summer.
She just said she’s not with Fader anymore and she’ll be independent in a couple months!
Oh, thank God.