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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. This situation will no doubt cause some to drop Slayyyter from their rotation, and naturally they’ll want to fill that gap with someone who has a similar sound. Offering up (non-racist) alternatives to those who have been genuinely hurt by this seems fine to me.
  2. In this forum, that’s surely the case. But, as someone pointed this out earlier, it isn’t black people who are exposing these artists to educate them, expose them, or tear them down. It’s white, toxic stan culture who are actively looking to expose artists so they can get more people to “stan their fave.” They are using black pain for the most asinine of reasons.
    Doesn’t excuse the racist behavior, but it’s an ugly cycle where literally no one is to gain and the only ones who are truly suffering are the black people that are constantly being reminded that this world fucking sucks.
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  3. Was that not what that comment was talking about?
  4. Probably because her usage wasn’t outright antagonistic and rather just extremely dumb. These girls can’t apologize well because they’ve clearly got brain worms where their senses should be.
  5. Not really. Twitter is full of posts in this vein and most of the artists aren’t even black. The person who hacked her infamous old account tweeted “stan LOONA” and “stream rare by Selena Gomez”.
  6. Oh, I figured you were referring to the Spotify links that were going around on here just a couple pages ago. Of course anything you see on Twitter is going to be crass and opportunistic.
  7. Glad I never invested time in her. Absolutely disgusting. I don't usually believe in cancel culture but this extreme more than warrants it.

    Also I had NO IDEA about Camila's messiness. I'm outraged that I've been giving her there an awareness thread or list here...somewhere we can collect a list of these fools?

    This happens all too frequently and I need a problematic list I can reference to know who to block on my spotify so that this doesn't happen again...etc.
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  8. Should we just lock the thread now or?
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  9. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    I'm not writing this to defend Slayyyter's blatant racism as this berhavior is an unmitigated dumpster fire, but just to provide a little context.. I was lucky enough to be raised in a household that taught me to treat others how I want to be treated and grew up in a diverse working class city. Moving to Chicago and getting to know all the white suburban kids that eventually flock here, this behavior isn't surprising. There are entire areas that are 99% white and these people are taught nothing of their privilege and the 'othering' of ethnically different people can become a fun edgelordy thing. It becomes like a "oh my god, I just that THAT" and there's no cognitive connection between their words and the hurt they cause. People who group up literally in a white cloud have no awareness of their racism because they have a black teacher, or an asian BFF and they don't -really- mean any harm. It's all "fun" to them.

    Ultimately there is no excuse for this ignorance, especially growing up post 2010 like Slayyyter and Camila. It's an ugly cycle and it sucks to know that this is probably her background. Do better Slayyyter, and do better society.

    No wonder some many of these types become Lil Trumpsters.
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  10. I don't understand this need to "contextualize" shit, we already know white people are always gonna be inherently racist. Any Black person understands this. I'm not interested in coddling any of these people and I'm especially not interested in hearing how racist some of y'all were growing up. There's no need.

    Slayyyter is gonna have to do a lot more than that bullshit apology to show she's actually "grown" and "changed".

    Like other people have already said, this shit is fucking exhausting and I'm TIRED of having it come up.
  11. I would say I'm surprised the mods deleted my perfectly fine (and justifiably angry) comment but I'm not. Instead there are pages and pages of non-Blacks trying to contextualize what these girls say as if we need explanations about anti-Blackness.

    What a joke.
  12. Well in the spirit of recommending artists, stream Namasenda and Chav

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  13. Namasenda's repertoire is increasingly becoming more and more iconic with each song release. Donuts is a trip and a half!
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  14. Welp, just canceled my vinyl order and won't be listening to the album again on Spotify. Girl bye.
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  15. I mean I listen to all of them but I don't think it would take page 98 of the Slayyyter thread to learn about Robyn, Britney, Azealia or Tinashe for regular Popjustice members. I don't even think Slayyyter sounds like any of them besides some Britney demos. I never heard of Namasenda though, and I'll be happy to check her out!
  16. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    OK but CHAV's music bops + yum
  17. nn okay but why are some people suggesting to stan Azealia in lieu of Slayyyter? Did we just all forget about the horrid shit she's said?
  18. Perhaps because she warned everyone about Slayyyter and her potential behavior way before she got exposed. She wasn't wrong, and that's not to say AB hasn't been wrong before either but credit is due on certain points.
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  19. How about neither of them?
  20. Slayyyter really stopped her bag like the TSA. Hate to see it.
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