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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Catherine seeing how much money she's lost on all these canceled vinyl pre-orders.
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  2. I received my cancellation too. Poor Shopify.
  3. I know it's bad but I still lowkey want the vinyl.
  4. The hardest part of it all is that the album is still great, and it's easy to disassociate the music from the artist (I waited too long to realize this for Ms. Petras), but I resisted because she doesn't deserve my coin for being a total piece of shit.
  5. My refund processed today too. I wonder if the store knows why so many people asked to cancel them
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  6. Winter Angel, a song she teased in 2018, has leaked. It was supposed to drop with Xxxmas, I believe.
  7. "Snow Angel" is a mess, especially with the interpolation of "Last Christmas."

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  8. I think it helps that she went quiet since the last apology and didn't just spend the next day promoting her music again, but this is one of the better written apologies I've seen from to come out of something like this.

    I know it's not my apology to accept, but I'll say that I'm at least pleased it's not on the notes app.
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  9. A much better apology. I can respect this.
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  10. I really do appreciate that she took notes from her black fans, re: her original apology and decided to reflect and follow it up with a better one (even down to handwriting it instead of screenshotting her notes app nn).
  11. I... still don't know how to feel about all of this. I do commend her for donating proceeds to charities and people in need. I'm also not apart of the black community so I can't really speak on whether this apology is thorough enough or rectifying of her past but at least she put some effort in it this time.
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  12. Does this mean I can still order the vinyl and feel less bad? I still want it so much ddd.
  13. I honestly don't see an issue with using the Notes app ddd... like I guess it signifies a rushed apology or something?

    I'm not a person of color so I don't really have any ground to say this but from an outside perspective this apology looks much better and more genuine so I'm glad she took a few weeks off social media to recollect her thoughts and write it out when she wasn't freshly cancelled and likely in her feelings. I feel like she deserves a chance to be uncancelled but we'll see.
  14. There’s still a tinge of that white victim mentality there, but overall it’s much better in my eyes. She owned up to knowing the context of the words she was using, knowing what she said was wrong and doing it anyway. She let us know what she plans on doing moving forward. She still hasn’t addressed the fact that there were tweets that had been liked as recent as 2016 (they weren’t problematic or anything but it indicates the account had still been active), but I won’t harp on that anymore. I don’t want to say she didn’t have to put out another apology, because quite honestly the first one was such a mess that she really did owe her fans and anyone else that had the misfortune of being assaulted by seeing those words on their timeline a better one. But I didn’t expect it, because not many would take the time to do that – look at how her fave Camila moved on so quickly following her racism being exposed.
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  15. Not my place to forgive or not forgive, but I do think taking tangible action such as donating money from her music profit to help black LGBTQ folks is a good move. Camila, take note.
  16. I appreciate this apology - it feels more thoughtful, sincere, and there is a call to action from her actions in donating to marginalized charities. But I have to say, the phrase "I am not racist" will always make me cringe.
  17. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Yeah, that's my only quibble, but I think it's less of acknowledging that all white people are active consumers and participants of/in racism and more so her clarifying that that's not the role that she wants to play. There are people that are militant in their racism and efforts to be bigots, and that's the not the case here. I can excuse that simply because it's more so semantics and my/our ability to have access to better forms of self-expression. Her heart is clearly in the right place as she not only issued another apology, but reflected deeply and took ownership of her actions without circumventing that she voluntarily and knowingly did what she did.

    As a Black person I feel much better about her actions and honestly it's rather...shocking to see someone demonstrate a sense of wrongdoing but also what appears to be care for her fans of color, specifically Black folks. Camila couldn't even do that, which shows how much she still likely harbors anti-Blackness and borrows more heavily from Black traditions within her music. And honestly, I ended an eleven-year old friendship last year because someone was sending me/our group memes with the n-word in them. She never saw the wrong in her actions, specifically sent these to me to illicit a reaction, and made further comments about a "curry Justin Bieber hitting on her", and "I've never been attracted to Black men before!". Random anecdote, and yes, Slayyyter has a career at stake versus this shitty white girl's...whatever, but the fact that someone with virtually little celebrity is presently interrogating herself and her impact on those that consume the art that she wants to disseminate is really big in my eyes. I feel better about listening to her music again after seriously considering deleting it all after paying for it on iTunes.

    This is the shit we need to see in pop, in politics, in the world. Satisfied with her efforts and will likely buy the vinyl once again.
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  18. I absolutely agree.

    I'm being extremely optimistic here, but I hope this becomes a standard of what it means to truly reflect and apologize. I can't wait to get ready for tonight's festivities and pop a pinch of ass to "Touch My Body."
  19. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    I bought the vinyl again ddd.
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  20. Glad I just got paid, Shopify is going to have a reverse expedition with orders flooding in.
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