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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. The Shopify gay Monday morning when he sees all the weekend's orders.
  2. I just realized that despite all the cancelled orders she still decided to donate the money she makes from them.
  3. I wrote an email and tried to cancel my order but they shipped my order then wrote me back saying they don't offer refunds. I was so fucking disappointed about..well, everything. I appreciate her trying to make this right. However, I'm a middle aged white guy so it's not my place to say whether it is truly successful and I'm still side eyeing her. The cd does look really pretty tho.
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  4. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    lmao i am SCREAMING at this

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  5. It's nice to see her listen to her fans and take accountability for everything. I guess I can finally give her my coins for the vinyl/cd. Don't fuck it up sis.
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  6. She also personally apologised to some of her black fans personally through DMs.
  7. Mr.Arroz

    Mr.Arroz Staff Member

    Girl what were you tryna do with this?
  8. Hm I don't think I got any shipping notices, how do I verify the status of my order, since the site seems to be offline?
  9. I was being silly?

    Edit: I was trying to make a joke about opening the cd, apparently a very bad one. I'm sorry.
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  10. Lowkey been missing her presence, good to see she’s keeping her word

  11. In some rather unsavory news, a fake Slayyyter account on YouTube has become verified and has started making money from it. I'm not going to link to it, but it's pretty fucked up that someone else is getting money for her work.
  12. She's been complaining about that account for a while. I don't understand how it's gotten to this point. Surely it shouldn't be this hard to get it taken down?
  13. I'm assuming it's the one with Ride Wit Me on it? How shitty.

    I'm also unsure of whether I want to order the vinyl or not; anyone else in this boat?
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  14. Yea I have been back and forth about it myself.
  15. New hair for new era?

    Also noticed ThatKid doesn't follow her on Twitter anymore.
    EDIT: nope I was mistaken
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  16. Not me mixing up That Kid with Robokid and thinking he already unfollowed her long ago.
  17. New hair and new logo, her being more active online again. She’s definitely ~preparing. Seems like she’s still planning on serving an emo era between all that and these tweets

    (This was in reference to a tweet about Halsey’s “Experiment On Me”)

    She’s also mentioned “Serial Killer” and said she wants to get permission to use the beat and redo it.
  18. I'm sad about the falling out between her and That Kid since E-Boy is that bih (Dial Tone too!). But it's easily understandable why he would distance himself at this point.
  19. He still follows her and was liking tweets about their collabs recently
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  20. Oop, I guess I got that wrong then.
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