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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Perched all over again! Thanks sis.
  2. Yessssss use Experiment On Me as a reference point.
  3. I take it she still visits the forum nn

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  4. Catherine, if you're reading this.. sweetie, we need Tripping on Sunshine on the next album. I stan ha but need her on Spotify.
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  5. Or maybe she just wanted to reply to his tweet ddd...

    Didn't Robokid produce Sunshine? I could see her leaving it off for that reason.
  6. Can always be reworked!
  7. Love the sound of this!

  8. I remember this remix randomly appeared on Spotify while she was on hiatus following her old twitter being exposed. Then it disappeared a couple hours later. I guess this is the reason.

  9. It's fucking bizarre that I just sad down 40 minutes ago thinking how the mixtape was released and no other single was launched and then the whole exposed happened. And then I checked Twitter and saw this.

    A bit pointless but this is interesting to see how the support around her will be this time around.
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  10. Random anecdote: a few months back, I clicked through to her Instagram page and the full ‘Call/Email’ options were available. I was confused, but also had literally just smoked with some of my friends, so I tapped ‘Call...’ because I thought it would be funny.

    She FUCKING ANSWERED, and we had a very sweet, awkward little conversation. I just told her what happened and said I was a big fan, it’s nice to have someone who gets “it” doing “it”, etc. She was really kind and normal and nice to me, and wasn’t mad or anything at all. She had accidentally made her contact info public, and very quickly took it down after I called her hahaha. I do still have her number saved per her permission, before anyone asks. Very random, very “her” little story, haha
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  11. A bit redundant but werk. We need a Mine re-release next February, though.
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  12. Yeah I don't really get the point. Remix is meh.
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  13. I’m here to say as a Mine doubter I’ve fully come around after experiencing it in a live setting. That production is absolutely addictive and I hope she leans more into the more spacious soundscapes on S2.
  14. Imagine doubting Mine...never experienced that emotion.
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  15. When the rest of the material is so strong the competition is tight! It’s still not in my Slayyyter top 5 but it’s certainly edged into an album highlight.
  16. Imagine not having Mine in your Slayyyter top 5...never experienced that emotion.
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  17. I think she's ditching the hyper bubblegum pop for the next album? The way she's talked about it makes it sound like another Mine will never happen.
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  18. Oh that makes sense. Watch it be featured in a Netflix show or TikTok meme 2 years from now and becoming a hit wether she likes it or not.
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  19. I’d say Mine is not that Hyperbubegum, more likely Daddy AF, Motorcycle, E-Boy, Alone and these songs that are heavier on synth and production which she also referred as “Porno Pop” or something. Mine sounds more like a Dance/House experiment.

    But I do imagine if this new record picks up where she left, the Rock roots will have a stronger part in it. Probably will release new music by summer or so.
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