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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. I'm totally okay with her ditching the hyperpop sound. Going rock/dark is a pop girl's rite of passage.
  2. Kind of hoping she pulls influences from The Veronicas, specifically the album Hook Me Up. I need something like this.

    or even this ddd. I guess Celebrity is close enough though.

  3. Perched for her Play Destroy.
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  4. Well Gaga loves Mine, so that's that on that.
  5. So a certain individual has been borderline harassing and spreading lies about Slayyyter on Twitter:

    To which Miss Thing responded:

  6. Ew, the way they’re on some freaky power trip just because they “exposed” her initially.
  7. The fact that they're white, too, makes it come across as some bizarre white saviour complex.
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  8. The whole masking my demands for self validation as "just checking in on the situation!!" aura of it all made that a pretty uncomfortable read teebs.
  9. Can Twitter... like, go away? I'm in no position to judge her position in this racist drama, but I think it's good that she seems to be learning from her mistakes and using her platform for good. These twitter gays harassing popstars and clamining this ownership over them makes me so angry.
  10. I'm watching her live right now @ fucking 2AM.
    • She played unreleased tracks which sounded un-fucking-real, potential title could have been In the Rain, wants it to be the title track for S2
    • Also played Doghouse, certified bop
    • That Kid collab (for his project), which her laptop died while playing ddd, title might be Can't Stop
    • Chokezilla (?!?!) was super grimy, this new sound is otherworldly
    • Fuck With Fame (?) which she claims to be her best track ever
    She spilled a Whiteclaw all over her table and laptop dDDD
  11. Thats_So_Slayyyter.gif
  12. Clumsiest popstar ever?
  13. Try drunkest dd
  14. All the snippets she's been playing on her livestreams all sound very pop still. She said she knows her audience and won't do a major genre shift. Also that the main difference between her previous project and the new one is that this one will be less nostalgic sounding.
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  15. I appreciate that she's put forth the effort to improve her image (in regards to the racism controversy), so I'm excited to hear what she comes up with next.
  16. Serving Anna Paquin in X-Men looks

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  17. Porcelain Black <3
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  18. I love her hair and her entire look right now.
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