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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. I'mma need her to release Sunshine fully on the album though
  2. Are we listening to the new That Kid album?

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  3. The individual snippets I've caught the last few weeks over insta story and her live streams have all genuinely sounded fantastic.
  4. Slayyyter saying she wants to name her fanbase the "slaybells" in her live tonight. My IMPACT!

    Also she's shooting a DIY music video tonight for Dog House in her building's parking garage. So I guess we're getting that fairly soon.
  5. Some more tea from the live tonight:
    • Hoping to drop album in August
    • Will have 10-12 songs
    • She has about 4-5 left to do
    • Doghouse is the first single
    • Wants to release 1 or 2 singles a month leading to the album
    • Sunshine will not be on the album
    • Before quarantine she had photoshoots scheduled and music video ideas and director ready to go (and a budget) but everything has been delayed
    • Says she's willing to do 2 videos for songs if she has to (DIY during the quarantine and professional ones after)

  6. Well it's over.

    Wasn't doghouse mean to be a bonus track for the Mixtape or a re-release of sorts? And the second album supposed to leave the "Hyperpop" for a more rock-ish vein. Haven't been paying attention so I guess she changed everything "lolz".
  7. I’m gonna be honest, I didn’t care much for Sunshine from the clips, while Dog House de-wigged me swiftly. I also think it’s a biT soon for her to fully swerve from the hyper-pop sound, she needs to stablish herself a little more first and have at least one full, proper “era” for it, because it’s what got her her entire fanbase. It deserves proper videos. Also, a professionally recorded live performance would be very very welcome, be it for YouTube or whatever, but I get the sense that she’s not super confident in her voice / stage presence yet. I wonder if she’s investing in some training.
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  8. It's almost as if that's what cancel culture thrives on, or something!
  9. It's gonna be a mix of both.
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  10. Also I assumed this when she said she has a budget now but she officially confirmed she's signed now. Since Jan./Feb. She wouldn't say with who though.
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  11. I'm nervous. I hope it's a good label that won't lock her in release purgatory or try to sand off her edges.
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  13. Listened to the mixtape again and realized it really is fucking stellar.
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  14. We'll always have "Daddy AF", if so.
  15. And Mine.

    We'll ALWAYS have Mine!
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  16. It slaps.

    Oh wow!


    Villain is... literally the wildest thing she's ever done.
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  17. OH WOW.
  18. Doghouse sounds like Motorcycle and Cha Chin mixed together and sped up.
    One of the snippets reminded me of Gimme More tho and... I like it a lot nn.
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  19. Wow, she's going full emo on this one. It almost sounds like a sample to me? The verse sounds sooooo familiar.
  20. She’s serving your honour.
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