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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by OspreyQueen, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Not yet - guessing it will arrive next week.

    This is AOTY so far for me
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  2. Serial Killer sounds completely different in high quality, whoa.
  3. Do we know if Venom is the song Azealia was gonna be on?
  4. The album sounds so excellent in high quality.
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  5. Woke up thinking about Venom and Dog House.
  6. Letters is one of the most beautiful new songs I've heard in the year
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  7. Same, these two are absolute bangers. The last chorus on "Dog House" really goes off! "Villain" also has been doing it for me, I feel like paired with "Over This!" it's like 2000s pop punk meets hyperpop.
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  8. I wish Butterflies was longer than an interlude. It feels like it should keep going after her talky bit.

    this album is excellent and eclectic. It feels scattered but cohesive at the same time. There’s a song for every mood it feels like!
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  9. I alternate between feeling pressed that Butterflies isn't longer and elated that Troubled Paradise has its own suitably amazing prelude.
  10. She has completely passed me by thus far, but someone compared 'Serial Killer' to Gwen/No Doubt and I'm obsessed.
  11. Okay but I don't think enough is being made of Villain - Letters.

    Villain serves as this final confrontation within the tumultuous relationship that's played out across the album, and I love how the increasing chaos of the production is so stark against the chorus. There's always that sense of uncertainty and obligation to have done everything possible to salvage a relationship when it ends and by comparison the chorus feels like a direct response to that, a moment of clarity and assurance that just because you're ending things it doesn't make you the bad guy.

    Letters ends up feeling both devastating and cathartic at the same time? As much as vulnerability can leave us wounded, there's still a sense of freedom in walking away knowing you did everything you could. What makes Letters so captivating is that it's apparent how much she was prepared to give and how now she has to have peace with not knowing what could have been. It's...a lot more nuanced than I was expecting this album to get, and it makes me even more excited for where she goes from here.
  12. I've been listening to this months and obviously love it though Serial Killer is the one that hasn't clicked with me. I get it's a cute throwback since it was viral on Soundcloud (you're welcome for my upload, Catherine) but I'd have rather her have updated "babyyy" out of her laptop demos.

    This could have slotted somewhere in the middle of the album, as well:
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  13. I still can't get over the audacity, the vision, the international socio-economic implications of the Troubled Paradise "middle 8" that takes up half of the song. Those fucking adlibs! She came on this bitch mad as hell!!

    Nothing but acclaim for SOTY.
  14. Dog House is everything Gwen’s Spark the Fire tried to be
  15. The songcraft in the title track is still astonishing. It's literally nonstop choruses but never gets old.
  16. The way she plays with structure and focuses on bridges is really something I wish other pop artists would do.
  17. Also, Letters sounding like a chimera of Charli, Imogen Heap and Slayyyter's own
  18. I'm listening to most of these songs for the first time right now and she killed it, I don't know why I wasn't hype for the album.

    All the different styles she was going for blend really well here and I'm excited to see where she goes next!
  19. The way Letters sounds like a 2003 Britney ballad recorded in 2033. Absolutely stunning. The production across the whole album is really stellar.

    I'm still obsessed with Over This! Is there any hope for a video?
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  20. I think it might be the best pop song of the year in my opinion, I love the long ass bridge with her perfect ad-libs.
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