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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by OspreyQueen, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. I still want her to collab with George Clanton.
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  2. She’s doing an AMA on Reddit right now

  3. Yay, she said there are two CD versions coming soon. And she mentioned possibly doing a deluxe as well.
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  4. She said she's moving on from the 'hyperpop' sound
    Also that the original melodies on Troubled Paradise (the song) are different than what was released, and she cried when the album leaked
  5. I think she is smart, she has the potential to be a big popstar, and moving away from hyperpop, which I love, it's a very good move for her.
  6. Didn't she say this before this album too? ddd
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  7. Are we using hyperpop to mean like... Charli or Gecs adjacent? This album, for me, is traditional pop all the way - the production and structures are just a bit experimental. Not much squeaky, harsh or 130+ BPM stuff here.
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  8. The second part of the album shows signs she is moving away from the sound , that's why she has some songs left to use I think.
  9. Yeah I might have the wrong definition of hyperpop but the back half has nothing I would even consider close.
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  10. She had mentioned going in a more pop-rock direction, which I think fits the second half
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  11. I mean, it's a confusing thing in general because there was a whole nightcore / PC music scene swirling around for a while with no real definition but once 100 Gecs went mainstream the term "hyperpop" was coined. Now it's being retroactively used to describe a lot of PC music songs but it's a pretty unclear catch-all.
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  12. Seems she agrees as well. Similar to Shygirl, or even SOPHIE, they tend to get lumped in with it because of who they're associated with:

  13. just got my Spotify vinyl !!
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  14. Fucking stunning.

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  15. The whole album is excellent but whew, she really excels in the dreamy synth-pop soundscape.

    I'm sure this has been said repeatedly but the title track is such a triumph - it just sounds utterly massive and it's painful how it was released and nothing really came of it. Butterflies and Clouds are also equally incredible and its sequencing on the album had me in bits.
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  16. I can't stop listening to this album, kids.
  17. Letters is her best song. The way it swells to that instrumental crescendo only to pull back for one more round of that impossibly delicate chorus. I can see why she kept naming it as one of her favorites throughout the rollout. It's magic.
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  18. This album has so many amazing one-liners. I've got "You a simp looking desperado, blowing through cash like you hit the lotto" stuck in my head today.
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  19. I mean it made me laugh briefly. Ariana’s impact!

  20. She is legitimately funny and her stan culture humor is one of the few from the pop girls that doesn’t come across as forced.
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