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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. She tweeted it was coming this year yesterday, so I'm guessing a summer release. Assuming they want to have physicals out with it.
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  2. She could've called the upcoming album Inferno Euphoria, but she wasted it on the remix EP.
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  3. That would have worked if the new album was a sequel, but she's said it's not and that it's about falling in love, which doesn't really lend itself to such a title.
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  4. I think she will most likely release it at the end of the year, after her tour, or at least start the rollout with the album coming in early 2023

  5. Why is this making me howl.
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  6. A bop

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  7. The way that this leak lives in my mind rent-free.

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  8. Not me rearranging my vacation so I can be back in time to see her at Boston Pride.
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  9. So, I just listened to this 10,000 years later and I'm shook at how good it is?

    Cowboys is something I really didn't expect from her and it's REALLY GOOD. Actually the entire alberm surprised me.

    Lemme check out her debut.
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  10. Collab with Pussy Riot dropping next week!

  11. Out tonight at midnight
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  12. The song is a bop. Can be played if you have a VPN

  13. I hope she has some of her own singles (or an album) ready to go soon. I loved a lot of Troubled Paradise but the roll out was a major hype killer and things felt like they came to a screeching halt once the album dropped. I don't really blame her for any of this and credit to her for filming so much content for fans, even when they leaked her album nn.

    I don't think they should bother waiting 9 months for vinyl to be ready either, it's not gonna impact her chart position.
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  14. Think it’s less about charts for smaller labels and more about making their money back, since streaming pays nothing.
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  15. Wasn’t expecting this one, we brazilian gays are going CRAZY right now.
  16. OK I just bought the Meet & Greet. I will tell ha I'm that bitch from PopJustice who suggested glitter vinyl for the mixtape!
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  17. Why not Argentina? Are they serious?
  18. Tell her to actually sign up, we're a welcoming bunch most days
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  19. sign ups are closed sorry luv xx
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  20. Entering her blasphemy era!

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