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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Imagine missing Touch My Body
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  2. Her performing Hello Kitty.... she's the mother I never had, the sister I always needed.
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  3. This NEEDS to be on the setlist when I see ha!!!
  4. So she’s amazing. No costume changes and I think she cut a couple songs, because of the venue’s hours (and most notably the size, which was tiny). The crowd was feral. Like way more than the Charli’s and Rina shows combined. I was fearing for my life when “Throatzillaaa” came on, between being tossed around like a rag doll by drunk gays and the floor feeling like it was going to cave in.
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  5. I have to count my blessings then. There weren’t any rabid gays at the Portland show. I was sat in the bar area by the sound booth though so maybe I had a head in the sand vantage point?
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  6. Oh yeah, I was more or less front row at all the shows, but Slayyyter’s was by far the most most

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  7. Careful! She’s gonna make that the cover of her next album!
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  8. matthew.

    matthew. Staff Member

    Oh my god I need 'My Body' like yesterday.
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  9. The way she cut “My Body” and “I Will Survive”… but I was too stunned by seeing her do the bridge from “Troubled Paradise” live (and nailing it) to really care.
  10. Not me being proud of the Toronto crowd for behaving at tonight's show and not doing any nonsense only to see afterwards on twitter that a fight had actually broke out before she came on and someone bit another person's leg....
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  11. Twinks!
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  12. Not to be that person, but for anyone who's gone what time does she actually start?
  13. She came on around 9:15 at my show.
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  14. She didn’t come on until 10:45pm in LA, but that feels like an anomaly.
  15. Dd that's insane. That's the time our show ended. She came on at 9:30pm here.

    Also forgot to say the show was really fun! I thought the setlist was pretty much perfect. I'm glad she added BFF onto it eventually. Also I'm thankful I got to see her perform Ur Man and Tattoo when she opened for Charli in 2019 or else I probably would have been mad at those exclusions.

    The only thing I was really disappointed by is that she didn't do Dog House in full, she just skipped over the bridge... Like why??? That's the best part! And it would have went off live. Does she feel like it's too hard to do live or something?
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  16. Who does she think she is?! Don't get me wrong, it's bad enough for any artist to be late (looking at you Nicki Minaj, literally every time I've been you were late) but as an artist not that big... what?!

    It's so rude and annoying when artists are late on stage
  17. Are we sure that wasn't her planned set time? Wasn't the L.A. show bigger with two opening acts?
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  18. Oh... I apologise then!! I made an assumption it was a 9pm start from the answers above.

    I'll see myself out, sorry Ms Slayyyter
  19. I think she’s tried to keep it 9-9:30 for most of the shows, but yeah they announced the times prior

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  20. I just assumed it was cause LA people were built different and don't sleep dd.
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