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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. I mean, I assume the planned late set times are indeed because us Angelenos are expected to be late night trash, but yes, 10:45pm was the posted set time on the door upon arrival. The show was always advertised with a 9p start time, and with 2 openers, it times out correctly.

    The 7am bus ride to work the next morning was not my favorite.
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  2. The show was great! Like I expected to have a good time, but I was honestly floored by just how charismatic she was on stage. The set-up is super simple, but it almost isn't noticeable because she's just electric and sells the shit out of every single minute and sounded great throughout. The fact that only two projects in and every song on the setlist already sounds like a classic...picking a setlist for the next one will be a bloodbath. I nearly d-worded when I realized she kept Hello Kitty in.

    I honestly hope she continues to get bigger (even if it is in the niche online gay space), because she's such a strong performer, and I would love to see what she can do with some TV spots and bigger venues. Overall an A+ experience, and I'm so happy it was my first post-pandemic gig.
  3. Did you get the stripped down staging at your gig too? It's super cute, but the full set is really nice. I was kind of bummed I didn't get it at my gig, because the stage was smaller than my bedroom, but I also loved that it was kind of punk having everyone shoved into such a small space and almost moshing to songs like "BFF" and "Throatzillaaa". The fact she sounds just like the album (and often better) kind of left me a lil gagged, not gonna lie.

    She really is a special person, and it makes me kind of proud to witness her come up like this. Keep it up, Cathy!
  4. What was the difference. Between the stripped down and full staging?
  5. Full staging allows for more mirrors/lights and the mirrored platform she also performs on

    The "stripped" staging at my show was, like, half of what's in the video above with her DJ up front with her, so she could only be on one side of the stage (luckily it was mine kii). This gives a good idea of what it is

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  6. I think so? I’d have to see what the full thing looks like but the venue was very very small. We did get a costume change though, and the DJ could kind of be in the corner so she still had most of the stage to move around. But yes the crowd was absolutely wild being packed into such a small space and I swear during like Self Destruct, Daddy AF and Throatzilla it felt like the building itself was jumping.
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  7. Happy one year!

    We were pretty fed!

  8. Despite not seeing the video until now, Troubled Paradise is one of my favorite songs of the past year. A lyrically well written bop. The absolute low budget realness of those scenes with the sand where she looks too small and there's no shadows or visible footprints in the sand? Work.
  9. Clouds just ruled my depressed little world. It’s weird how it’s depressing but euphoric at the same time.
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  10. Saw her last night and i definitely didn’t expect her to be so good live, was surprised in the best way possible. She also showed up to the after party and we had a singing moment to Click Remix at the dancefloor, it was everything.
    Here’s a cute video from my friend’s instagram of her living her best life to Come Back To Me.

  11. We were being kinda rushed cause there were a LOT of people for the M&G (more than regular tickets) but I did manage to tell her about that time we found out she was reading the forrem. She was so adorable and said it was a shame the glitter vinyl couldn't really be done cause it was a really cute idea, and that she was so happy to see me there. The show was amazing, bop after bop after bop. I can't wait for a new album!

    I also met @DinahLee at the end but I was kinda in a hurry to get home cause I was about to pass out from lack of sleep ffff Ended up missing her late encore doing the Gimme More remix (which we were screaming for when she left the stage) and Click.
  12. Iconic!

    Also I still think it’s a kii that she reads the forum but won’t join. And the fact she subs us on Twitter? LanaBoards found neglected.
  13. @Glitterizer is drop dead gorgeous and Cathy is fucking fantastic. Honestly, if you have the opportunity... go. I didn't really see anything from the Club Paradise Tour and while loved the Self Titled shows, I see she's really moving forward as a performer. She sang, she danced and just killed it. I was really surprised.

    Poor girl only got one banner with "Club Paradise" over it as a Stage Prop and the tech-guys removed it after the opening DJs, like it was part of their thing and not hers dddd.

    Daddy AF... that was a religious experience. Cowboys\Over This medley and the way she was adlibing, like, the inner Mariah was jumping out, skinny! The first set of songs like Venon\Doghouse and the way she was raping like her rent was due???? just iconic. The only moment where things got cold was Serial Killer dd not even the club-remix she's doing was enough to hype people. Sorry cathy.

    I also missed the encore and then she went to an afterparty in a very local club. But she performed Celebrity! And it went OFF.

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  14. She really is incredible live. I had an idea based on the VEVO and Tidal performances, but you never know how much post is done on those videos, so I was kind of shook. So glad everyone on here is getting to see her.
  15. Not like she has much of a choice.

  16. I saw her in NYC and she was a truly seasoned icon! Her stage presence is just natural and seems like she has been performing for years. She went to the afterparty too and I got to briefly meet her and snapped a pic! Her rando gay friend that acted as photographer did not have a very steady hand but I made peace with it. I’m dying for new material!
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  17. This clip of Daddy AF really captured how wild we were going for it

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  18. Are the vinyls available to purchase on the merch booth is there is any at the recent shows?? I am seeing her on Saturday and I hope they have the mixtape available.
  19. I saw her do an abridged version of the tour set (9 songs) last night in Birmingham and she was great. Excited to see the full show later this week!
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