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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. She had a limited amount of signed copies of the mixtape vinyl as merch at my show (and I assume others as well?). Would not recommend keeping it with you during, though, like some others at mine did.
  2. She…was all kinds of incredible tonight. Very much a “party with Slayyyter” night. Great vocals (she hit the Troubled Paradise note) and fantastic energy on the stage. A lot of fun!
    Also, new profile pic:
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  3. Urghhhhhh soooo good. I am so damn excited for tomorrow's London show.
  4. The venue was completely packed in Manchester so get there early! There were literally people standing outside to try and see.
  5. What time did she come on?
  6. She came on at exactly 9pm. I was right at the front and it was SO good. Such a good crowd singing along to every single word.

    Although the show itself is extremely minimal she managed to keep everyone 100% captivated.
  7. 9PM. July Jones opened from 8-8:30, and she was a really good choice.
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  8. It’s probably the venue in London more than anything but I did not love the show. Her stage presence isn’t quite there yet. I felt like the opening act gave more of a punch?
  9. I agree. I absolutely loved her but that venue was NOT the place to have the concert nor should it be for any artists in the future.

    We were further to the back and it was so quiet, her voice just became drowned out amongst all the cigs chuntering on.

    Obvs got my life to Daddy AF, BFF, Troubled Paradise and the like but hate, hate, hate that place for concerts.

    Didn't help we arrived at 2030 and missed one song. She was probably on earlier for Porn Idol starting straight after.
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  10. Sounds like a completely different show to what I saw in Manchester because the whole show popped off and the sound was fantastic. I guess the venue must have let her down tonight.
  11. Forgot to post earlier but she was electric in Manchester. It was just her and the stage and she sold every second like she was the biggest pop star in the world. A room full of hot, sweaty queers screaming the bridge of Troubled Paradise was also something really special.
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  12. I was right at the back on a podium but I thought last night was incredible nonetheless. There’s something really special about seeing someone with a smaller fanbase in an intimate setting.

    The biggest ‘moments’ I would say were of course the obvious ones… Daddy AF, Cowboys, Mine, BFF… but Touch My Body sounded absolutely huge as well?

    Agree with the sentiment that her stage presence is fantastic, and hugely exceeded my expectations. I cackled at her asking the audience ‘does anyone in the room like sucking Rick’ before Throatzilla.
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  13. Screenshot 2022-07-08 at 14.12.52.png
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  14. The only change I would’ve made would be to add Self Destruct in the place of Serial Killer. However, I’m aware Serial Killer is a pretty old song, so I imagine that’s one of the reasons she wants to do it on tour.

    Sad to hear the London venue was shit! The Manchester one was small but heaving. I was at the front for most of the show, but went towards the back for the encore because it was too hot. Even at the back, the views were great.
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  15. Has she indicated if she's working on new material? I still use and abuse the albums we already have but I'm ready for more.
  16. She’s working on an album. She has a title and I think she said it’s 15 tracks.
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  17. She sang a new song 'My Body' which was a banger. As my friend said, very Cascada/Clubland.
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  18. She opened with a new song which by what I could see of the setlist was called Erotic Electronic.
  19. Slut Pop found quivering in fear.
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  20. It sounds like she did more than one new track then? I noticed she performed "Hollywood" last night as well, going by her stories. So that's Erotic Electric, Hollywood, and My Body.

    Also she addressed "Rainbow Road" the other day and said something along the lines of stop leaking her shit if fans want it released.
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