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Slayyyter - Troubled Paradise

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Inland Empire, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. The album is finished.

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  2. Seeing her perform Touch My Body in my local gay club was one of the highlights of my year. I was so surprised to hear it as it wasn't in any of the shorter setlists.

    What's the direction of the new album?
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  3. Troubled Paradise, Clouds and Butterflies basically.
  4. I’m late, but she’s been posting a lot of like Gesaffelstein, Daft Punk, and Sebastian Tellier on her stories… basically French electronic music, which fits right in with “Erotic Electronic”

    Also she seems to be in teasing mode now (pretty sure she said she has an album title already so she’s just trolling here dd).

  5. The all blonde is so iconic on her.
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  6. It’s a nice shade too. Warmer than before?

  7. So a certain website had a data breach, which meant that a ton of songs on the site were leaked. This included a few demos, not the finals, from Miss YYY's upcoming album. The songs are Ms. Belladonna, Tommy, Dramatic, I Love Hollywood, and Rhinestone Heart.
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  8. Dd this girl can't catch a break...
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  9. Fairly sure her entire album has been passed around for months. Let’s hope this doesn’t inspire any spiteful leakers and she gets the release going soon.
  10. So apparently there are many people who have the tracks, and some of them are alledging a release in May. Not sure if that's for the album or just a single.
  11. Slayyyter said in an interview last month that the album would be out around March/April, but I wonder if that’s for the single and the album itself would be out in May. Would make more sense seeing as she’s supposedly only shooting artwork this month. Sounds like a quicker rollout in any case.
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  12. He


    Not a leak again. Hope she can speed the release up, or at least not delay it!
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  13. The tracks all sound great, even in demo form. Club Valentine here we come.
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  14. I only skimmed, since these are seemingly all confirmed for the album (and they’re definitely pretty rough/incomplete), but loving the direction!
  15. Assuming the french house ones are the stuff she's done with Aaron Joseph and Vaughn Oliver.
  16. Rhinestone Heart sounds like Ava Max being briefed with Marina’s Primadonna, in the best way. I Love Hollywood’s first verse is a serve. Tommy is also great. I feel like Slayyyter was her starting out, Troubled Paradise was her finding her feet with different genres and seeing what worked, and this (Club Valentine?) is her finding her sweet spot and sticking to it.
  17. Ms. Belladonna lowkey just ended both Kim Petras and Ava Max's careers.

    The Thriller-esque bridge...
    Euphoria hurts
    And love makes you blind
    Surrender your heart
    in Club Valentine

    Half the songs are listed as done with Nicopop but I wouldn't be shocked if the sample pack that Vaugh Oliver put out was used in some of them since some of the synths and effects sound a bit familiar.

    Hopefully nothing else leaks. The main takeaway from a quick listen is just how amazing her voice has improved. She's found a genre that really fits her voice perfectly. She's serving Eurodance diva VOCALS on Tommy.
  18. This is making me so excited ahhhh
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  19. Yeah, the unfinished demos are good but she needs to hurry. It seems like many people have more stuff, including the finished versions.
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