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Sleater-Kinney, General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. They have always stayed true to their sound while evolving with each album. Some how they’ve managed to get better and better. And this song is more pop than most “pop” now. It had it memorized after two listens.
  2. This track and 'I'm Not Where You Are' by Marika Hackmann (which sits perfectly next to it on any playlist) are literally all I need right now. So good.
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  3. I feel like in retrospect, No Cities to Love, while very very good, was kind of a warm-up (working with long-time producer John Goodmanson), and the new album will be more adventurous like The Woods was with Dave Fridmann. You can clearly hear Annie's contribution but at the very core it's still them and that's why I'm really confident that it will be a complete success.
  4. I’ve never really listened to them, but Hurry On Home is a damn bop. I’m surprised Annie didn’t co-write the song herself, it sort of sounds like she did.
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  5. I'm about 86% certain I can hear Annie hiding in the backup vocals somewhere but I'm also severely sleep-deprived and might be hallucinating. Either way, it's beautiful.

  6. Agreed. This is fantastic (along with the cover art). Very excited for this album!
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  7. 2/2 this is shaping up to be an excellent era!
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  8. I bought Call The Doctor on vinyl again so I could have a little Sleater-Kinney day. This is an extra bonus for me. What a song! They sound more vital than ever before. I stan.
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  9. They’re coming to Manchester in Feb... I’ll see you there girls.
  10. I may or may not have bought the super bundle for 250 USD and I don't know what I was thinking. The set itself is nice though since it comes with a handwritten vinyl jacket, a 7" set, and a signed poster.

    I'm also seeing them on Halloween night so that should be cool.
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  11. Anyone got a UK code they’re not using for presale?

  12. So happy to see Toko there as well! I'd do anything for a coheadlining tour with St. Vincent at this point.
  13. Janet has left the band.

    This isn't good. Janet wasn't just their drummer, she was their quality contro, their anchor. Corin and Carrie often looked towards her to guide them musically. Carrie has said in the past that Janet is the most talented member of the band with the widest knowledge of music.She's the best drummer in the world. Her reasons for leaving the band are as yet unclear (she wouldn't openly attack them), but this read slightly ominous to me:

    What happened?
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  14. I don’t know what to say! The fan base will almost certainly blame St Vincent.
  15. It started as soon as Janet posted her tweet. Fans are already blaming St Vincent's 'shitty drum machines' and 'overproduced music' for Janet's decision to leave. The Jimmy Fallon performance posted above is also being used to show how much Janet was pushed out of the band. You can see for yourself on Twitter.
  16. I mean... I absolutely love the band but even as a fan I've found the very concious St Vincent-ing up of their look, sound and live mannerisms for this era kind of uncomfortable. If Janet simply doesn't like the album or feels like that's not for her, it takes some balls to quit the band midway through album promo so I have huge respect for her.

    It simply won't be the same band anymore, though.
  17. [​IMG]

    The moment Janet decided to leave?
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  18. There’s some high key mess involved for an band member to leave during the prerelease promo of a forthcoming album...
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