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Sleater-Kinney, General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. The tone of this thread is very “we’re not blaming St Vincent for the break up but we blaming her”
  2. It's not, is it? I've just reread the last page and a bit and it took some aggressive reading between lines to imagine that, and for the majority of posts it'd take even more of a stretch.
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  3. Sleater-Kinney have always been an album band, rather than singles. I am going to withhold judgement until I hear a the whole thing. To say this is a "pop/synth/disco" makeover is completely incongruous with how the songs actually sound. So far, it's been pretty standard Sleater-Kinney, and, if anything, feels a bit expected and phoned in.
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  5. Janet's going on tour as well with her band, funnily enough.
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  7. I can see why Janet wasn't into this material. There's no sign of her on Can I Go On.

    Trying to stay optimistic, and I am all for artists taking risks and growing, but there's not much here that is signature Sleater-Kinney.
  8. It’s interesting that they say it was actually Janet’s idea to work with Annie.
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  9. I like everything from the album so far. It actually sounds fun & different for them. I do think Janet leaving in the middle of the campaign was unprofessional & has managed to taint the album for the fans, though, so people will just continue to shit on everything.
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  11. What a mess! Surely that was also Annie's fault.
  12. Do you reckon she's trying to silence Janet?
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  13. Leaked gif of Annie talking about planning the accident.
  14. I have given it two listens and first reactions:

    1. No need to "blame St. Vincent" for the sound. It totally feels like Carrie and Corin's personal taste. My boyfriend, who knows nothing about S-K, was like "you can tell they were inspired by B-52's." They would have gotten here on their own. Something about the album also feels very 2003 Pitchfork Post-Punk Gang of Four revival, for better or worse.

    2. The immediate comparison is with One Beat. But what I think made that album so great was that the urgency of the lyrics was matched by the energy of the music, representative of the chaos and confusion of 9/11 and the build-up to the Iraq War. We are living in - perhaps - even more chaotic times and one would expect Sleater-Kinney to come out with a wailing protest record. Instead, the sound feels more like they're exhausted, tired, cynical, a bit defeated. Maybe it's just growing older. Maybe it's a different era. It feels 100% sincere, but is not the call-to-arms that fans have come to expect.

    3. Rarely is Janet really given space. The magic of Sleater-Kinney in their best work was that it was these three musicians sharing equal part. That magic just isn't there. They have always had personal tension, according to Carrie's memoir, (and perhaps that's what made them great) so I expect her departure was not entirely because of the sound.

    4. No Cities To Love was a complete triumph, defying expectations and arguably their best album. It would be hard to follow that up.

    For me it's somewhere between 3.5-4 stars. I am clouded by nostalgia for their older albums, but I am still blown away by No Cities To Love when I put it on. The longevity of this album is yet to be determined.
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  15. I'm going to listen to it tonight. I'm very excited, of course.
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  16. Really thought-provoking post, @webby686. I've given it just one listen, which obviously isn't enough... And yet.

    I was worried about No Cities To Love, but was really surprised to have those worries largely dismissed by my first listen to it. I won't go near saying it's their best, but it stands up with the rest of them.

    I was worried about this one, and my worries stay after that first listen. My headline thoughts are:
    • I agree it's not a massive departure from their sound in general. It's mainly guitars and drums still, and probably most of the tracks that use other instrumentation retain a Sleater-Kinney feel (they've songs since Dig Me Out that are in similar vein), although one or two... not so much.
    • I kind of hate Carrie's lead singer voice(s) and found some of those tracks hard to listen to. This ship has sailed, and I still enjoyed The Woods and the last album, but I was wincing at some of this. Part way through I was thinking of the possibility of cutting it down to a much better EP of tracks that focus Corin's vocals.
    • My main takeaway is that it's... boring. Not all of it, not entirely. But 'boring' isn't something I want to describe Sleater-Kinney as. Especially so on the riff-light, guitar heavy tracks where distorted chords are going on and it sounds just like a big boring rock band.
    [Uncomfortable face emoji]
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  17. The Dog / The Body and Ruins are my favorite songs since they reunited. I don't know about the rest, I'll give it time.

    I wish this album had more Corin.
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