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Sleater-Kinney, General Discussion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by LE0Night, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Don't think it's been mentioned, so: Carrie and Corin are on the latest Song Exploder, talking about The Future Is Here – a primarily Corin track she originally wrote for a male vocal. Interesting stuff, and you can decide your own take on Carrie's references to Janet.
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  2. I totally get this album doesn’t play up to the vocals-guitar-vocals-guitar-DRUMS recipe of the other Sleater-Kinney albums past Call The Doctor but I actually love this album, even with the Carrie centric vocals. I really like all of the members equally and think this is a good effort. I wish Janet stuck it out but I understand her needs and reasoning.

    I also hope Janet gets better after her accident. What an unfortunate thing to happen.

    Edit: I think The Dog/The Body is one of their best songs and I don’t care who knows!
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  3. I'm really into this so far. I didn't really return to No Cities To Love as much as I expected despite it being my gateway into Sleater-Kinney, but I can already guess I'll be replaying this one a lot. I always wondered what would come out if they toned down the loudness and the abrasiveness a little bit, to focus more on atmosphere. I'm just happy they chose to expand their sound and change it up dynamic wise this far into their career.
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  4. The answer to that is The Hot Rock.
  5. Is this more serious than she initially let on?
  6. Hope not, and it doesn't look like it – reading through her updates, she's just pretty banged up and will take months to get back out there. With already missing out on the S-K tour money, now cancelling the Quasi gigs and not able to do her (freelancey?) job, it's cool she's got a few bob to see her through.
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  7. I'm glad. We love her!
  8. Does she not have health insurance?
  9. Nice! I just listened to Aye Nako earlier this year and liked what I heard.
  10. New song already:

    Rocks harder than most of the new album.

    (Looks like it comes from the album's sessions as it's Janet on the drums.)
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  11. Saw them last night. Great show! They did 29 songs!
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  12. Not even a single frame of Janet in the new video:

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