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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by backstreetjoe, Jan 1, 2012.

  1. I don't think they should have gone in the direction of 'Touch Me'. It didn't feel like a Broadway show at all. It just felt like a Katharine McPhee concert, which is great, but not Marilyn-esque.

    I do like 'Touch Me', though.
  2. the whole Touch Me thing felt like they needed an excuse to have a song Katharine could release as a single. The whole having her come in to practice her and have a song THAT radically different to all the others seemed very... wrong? Maybe unbelievable is the word I'm looking for. It just seemed like they built a whole episode around getting a song they can send to radio. A real filler episode and the worst of the season so far I felt.
  3. The episode was a little flat comparing to previous ones.
  4. I hate Ellis. They just seem to write Eileen as a naive fool. The thing about the staging and performance of Touch Me was that it did nothing to balance the purity and sex of Marilyn and instead was all about the sex. I thought if they scaled it back a little, it would be great.

    Did anyone notice that Eileen's daughter was played Meryl Streep's daughter?
  5. How could you not notice? It was like Meryl's clone in there!

    Ellis is such a weasel. I start seething every time he's onscreen. He is the least-convincing straight man, too. Every scene with his "girlfriend" is so awkward. What a douche.
  6. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Good episode... but why did Eileen's daugher take it to such offence? Goodness me you silly girl.

    Ellis needs to go and get smacked in the face or something haha. He's such a worm, eurgh. And the high-tops?! Leave.
  7. Ellis has been shown in his apartment twice and both times he's sitting around in his underwear with his legs open. I wouldn't mind so much if the character wasn't so repulsive.

    And even though Ivy is obviously the better Marilyn, I felt absolutely no sympathy for her when Tom told her they wanted a star. I was kind of pleased to see her so upset.

    EDIT: After reading this post back, I've realised I sound deranged.
  8. He's bi surely?
  9. Ellis needs a good bullet. And Eileen's daughter was really bloody annoying too.

    I still love this show though.
  10. Really enjoyed last night's episode, even if 'Cheers (Drink to That)' was TERRIBLE. Ellis is a whore, and it was good to see him get knocked down a peg.
  11. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    'I'm a Republican.'


    'That's a dealbreaker.'

    30 Rock reference?
  12. It was a good episode but needed more songs. And I don't buy the Karen and Ivy friendship AT ALL.
  13. I think the Ivy/Karen friendship is cute! Though I do like that Karen stood up to her even if she did feel bad afterwards.

    Ellis needs to be fired. Did he sleep with the manager, that was certainly the impression I got. I thought he was straight? Either way, he needs to go. From the looks of the trailer for next week, it looks like Eileen gives him another dressing down.

    Really enjoyed the episode overall, though the scenes between Tom and Sam were a bit cringey.
  14. Ellis is such a major shit. I hope they dump him for season 2.

    I'm also tired of Karen always being so nice to Ivy. Ivy has been a complete bitch to her yet Karen runs around after her making sure she's alright. If that was me I'd leave her. Their friendship seemed completely random and forced as well.

    I'm surprised the American Eagle billboard that was up during Karen and Ivy's performance wasn't promotional consideration.
  15. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    The friendship did seem really forced and the rendition of Cheers was awful. Couldn't they have picked another song?

    Ellis is a weasel but that's exactly what he's there for. He'll get his comeuppance, I'm sure.

    With every episode, Anjelica Huston reminds me more and more of Cher, haha.

    Also, a gay Republican? I am surprised.
  16. There are more of them than you would think.
  17. It doesn't always have to be about the social issues in politics.
  18. Yeah, sometimes people just care about how much money they have!
  19. I liked the new episode, even if the preview for next weeks episode looks a million times better. I can\'t wait to see what diva shit this Rebecca Duvall pulls.

    I\'m glad to see Eileen treating Ellis with such disdain too, he\'s such an annoying little weasel. Though you just know this investment thing is going to blow up in her face and Bombshell will never get off the ground thus ruining Eileen\'s career for good.

    Oh and Dev was a total bellend this episode, I really am starting to dislike him.
  20. JadeFan

    JadeFan Guest

    Yet again, I loved it. But why is this show flopping so badly?!
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