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Smelling nice

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, May 15, 2016.

  1. (I could swear we've done "what do you lot smell like" before, but I can't for my life find it. Starting anew!)

    My everyday office staples are Clean's Cotton T-Shirt and Outdoor Shower Fresh, but they're more like wearing an atmosphere rather than a scent. For parties, I usually go for Diesel Fuel For Life.

    But I'd appreciate having something just a bit classier as well - the kind of perfume you wear for those special occasions. I want it to be citrusy and quite airy, but also on the more elegant side rather than sporty. I tried Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino, but I'm not going to pay £100 for smelling like soap. Any ideas? What do you guys wear, when, and why?
  2. I forgot to bring any cologne with me to Hong Kong. I finished a bottle of my staple, Midnight Hugo Boss or whatever it's called. Bottled Night? That one. I've used that for years. Right now I spray myself with some shit from FCUK. It was a gift and I have 2 so it'll do. I have the admittedly very expensive Tom Ford Neroli Portofino which is gorgeous and worth the money (like..not at all obviously) to avoid that kinda...perfume sting. It smells like gorgeousness and faraway lands. I wouldn't say it has much stay though but eh. My mum gets me something in the range every birthday I'd say. I have the boy spray with me out in Hong Kong so I spritz that when I wanna feel fancy.
  3. Terre D'Hermès is my signature scent, nobody else I know would dare indulge in it. It goes well with denim, a big quiff and a 22 year old on the side.

    For daytime/work, I stick to La Male, as I find the classics hold up the best.
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  4. Edu


    I wear Boss In Motion by Hugo Boss every single day 'cause it's the only one I really like. I've been using it for years.
  5. kal


    I alternate between Gucci by Gucci, Burberry Sport and Touch. The former is the best though.
  6. Issey Miyake pour homme, must (not musk, must) and existential anguish.
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  7. Gucci by Gucci has been my signature scent for the last few years, I love it.

    Probably time for a change though so I might check out the others you've listed.
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  8. Eros by Versace is still as delicious as ever. Gets so many compliments too.
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  9. Well I put on Body Shop coconut body milk after the shower every morning, Ted Baker, Tom Ford Black Orchid moisturiser and aftershave. Still sometimes doesn't hide the smell of fake tan but least I try.
  10. I don't have a signature scent as I get bored if I wear the same perfume for more than a few days at a time. I just go with whichever feels right each day. I own over 20 celebrity fragrances because the minute I see one of my favourite stars in the ad campaign I have to have it no matter what it smells like. So basically my signature scent is probably tween.
  11. What happened to my original thread?!
  12. When I sweat it tends to smell like doughnuts, so I often go for something that is more heavy.

    I'm loving Gianfranco Ferre aftershave at the minute.
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  13. RJF


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  14. This would be your signature scent.
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  15. I wear Happy by Clinique. Fresh n fruity
  16. I miss Mr Telephone Man's Britney perfume extravaganza.
  17. I alternate between Happy and Chemistry (Clinique's other men's fragrance) ... I've been using those 2 for around 15 years and other than a couple of (literally 2 or 3) boredom purchases I've stuck with them and don't see any need to change.

    I'm not a fan of how most men's fragrances are marketed/presented (both by the manufacturers and at point of purchase) so the simplicity in both smell and presentation of the Clinique stuff suits me ...
  18. Even though I've run out and need to find more of this discontinued gloriousness, Dirty English by Juicy Couture gets me more compliments than anything else.
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  19. I love Happy, but it tends to fade so quickly.

    Bleu de Chanel and Invictus are my favs of late.
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