Smelling nice

Last year I discovered a new fragrance that I fell in love with - Mr. Burberry. It now sits proudly next to my Terre d'Hermès that I still can't fall out of love with.
I've started wearing perfume again thanks in large part to Dolly's Scent From Above. When I first got it, I didn't like it as I thought it was too candy-like, but now I love it. Kylie's Darling has become my favorite, though. It's sweet but classier than Dolly's.

Dolly's body sprays all smell good but have zero staying power, no matter how much I coated myself with.

Cher's Eau de Couture is horrible. I tried to wash it off repeatedly but I could still smell it and I was filled with regret.

But I've also been going back to Celine Dion's self-titled perfume (actually I think I have it as eau de toilette), which is more on the crisp, clean end with a little sweetness, so I think a lot of you who like more unisex scents would like it.
You should try Ariana Grande’s Cloud. It’s not marketed as unisex but it works as a unisex fragrance. I was convinced to blind buy it after reading this article which I never do because celebrity fragrances aren’t normally my thing.

I’ve worn it every other day because it just smells really nice.
I actually got a sample of that one the other day! I definitely agree that it’s very unisex, and quite unique for a celebrity fragrance, I don’t think anyone would guess what it is if they sniffed it blind.

It’s not my style, but I don’t hate it. It kinda smells like a dentist’s office (which is not shade, I would love to smell it on other people).
Ooh, I might have to try this.