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Smelling nice

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, May 15, 2016.

  1. Tom Ford's Neroli Portofino is my go to for when I want to smell a bit more masc than my usual scents which are quite feminine/fruity.

    I like Diptyque's Philosykos for something fresher and fruitier but also when I'm feeling classy not often xo

    To be honest, working at Lush for a few years I've managed to pick up around 20 of their limited edition perfumes which smell like the products so 99% of the time I smell like the human incarnate of a different bath bomb, it's not even funny how often I get "it smells like Lush in here" every day.
  2. I love Black XS by paco rabanne, also like their newer one, pure XS, which is a bit more sensual.

    Tom Ford's noir extreme is my go to masculine scent
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  3. The only cologne I own, I bought it back in like, late 2013 and have only used half of it, but then again I save it for special occasions.
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  4. I've developed an allergy of sorts to all colognes (that I've tried so far) in the past couple years. I used to wear a little every day and advocate that all men do the same but now I only use a single spritz for a night out, when I get home I must immediately change and throw my clothes in the wash lest I wake up with puffy eyes and a drippy nose. In fact I can't use anything scented anymore, I buy $9 non scented body wash for sensitive baby skin and use a baking soda formula as deodorant (the most effective deo I've ever used actually).

    It's all a bit tragic.
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  5. Is this something you make at home?
  6. I always found men cologne or scent to be extremely fuck boy-ish.

    I prefer a Nivea and clean smelling dude with his own scent (provided if he doesn't have BO) of course. And what a topic this is on POOPjustice. HAHA.
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  7. I've been told I smell really good without cologne, but... I think people are lying to me.
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    Edit: My ex used to have this sweet scent to his clothes even when he was sweating. So I do think some men have nice smelling au naturale scents I guess. I'm not talking about homos who have sock/armpit fetish though.
  9. Work - YSL L'Homme aftershave & deodorant
    Nights - YSL La Nuit De L'Homme aftershave & deodorant
    Winter formal - Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb or Victoria's Secret
    Summer formal - Chanel Egoiste
    Sex - Tom Ford Oud Wood
    On occasion - Polo Black, Victoria's Secret Very Sexy for Him
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  10. How specific. That sounds exhausting.
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  11. This is the tea!
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  12. My summer scent! I adore it! So fresh & clean, but with a strong musky undertone.

    My signature scent:
    My saucy, going out scent:

    I'm actually in process of finding something new, so I'd love recommendations. I like things that are woodsy and a tad sweet. A lil sandalwood & a touch of musk goes a long way for me.
  13. I'm not a hoarder but I hoard cologne, I guess. My first cologne in middle school was Abercrombie Woods. I finished that one. I bought the Polo and the VS in high school and still have both. When I wear the cologne I just spray it once on the back of my neck so only people who get close to me will smell it. I mostly stick to the aftershaves and deodorants now, which mix with the natural smell.

    Really citrusy scents don't mix well with my skin, which naturally smells kind of woodsy. Also, I don't naturally smell good or whatever unless I'm lazy and never worrying. I sweat in 70 degree weather. Oxiclean saves me a bunch of money.

    @lushLuck, I like what you like. You should try Spicebomb, YSL La Nuit, and Dior Sauvage (recently used a bit from a tester over Christmas and got a lot of compliments).
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  14. They are. You stink.
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  15. Get you a man who can do both

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  16. Today I'm wearing this:
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  17. Yes.
  18. I alternate between

    Hwyl by Aesop (inspired by a Japanese forest and the one I get conplimented the most on)
    Black Orchid by Tom Ford (rich and kind of fruity, also smells like sex)
    Quercia by Aqua di Parma (woody and dense, really long lasting)
    Aberdeen Lavender by Creed (ignore the name, this is really masculine with hints of leather)

    I think it’s good to change it up a lot but then again sometimes I wear nothing at all.
  19. YSL L’Homme is sex in a bottle but wears off so quickly on my skin. Poor me.
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  20. The target group for this is insecure teenage boys...
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