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Smelling nice

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by KamikazeHeart, May 15, 2016.

  1. Same here, I'm obsessed with it at the moment, got it as a Christmas present from my boyfriend after dropping a million hints to him that I shower myself in it whenever I pass the testers of it in the airport.

    My previous scent was Burberry Touch, especially when I always managed to snatch it up so cheap during sales.

    I do also have a weird shaped, purple bottle of Bvlagri that was left behind by a previous roommate, no idea what the name of it is (pretty sure it's actually a female scent) but it's actually a good alternative when I wanna change it up from my usual masculine woody scents and be a bit more neutral.
  2. Been re-obsessed with Tommy since March.
    It smells so great.
  3. A good armpit smells nice.
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  4. Wait at me snatching a £15 Zara scent last week in a work raffle and it being actually really, really nice.
  5. si
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  6. Le Labo's Santal 33 and Thé Noir 29.
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  7. I low-key combine 4 cheap drug store perfumes and end up smelling like a rejected can of Febreze.
  8. I like to spray LOADS of expensive aftershave on me before I go into a lift so everyone can choke.

  9. [​IMG]
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  10. Chanel Bleu has been my night time smell for a while now but recently switched to Tom Ford Noir and I don’t think I’m going back anytime soon.
  11. I snatched a scent at Primark for 5/6 pounds I think and it's called Sunset Goddess and I'm absolutely livin' for it.

    Betch loves a good bargain.
  12. My favorite scent is Jo Malone's Tobacco & Mandarin cologne. A friend gave it to me and I've been obsessed with it.
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  13. Dior's Sauvage. Calvin Klein's Obsession. Viktor & Rolf's Spicebomb. Jean Paul Gaultier's Le Male.
  14. My signature scent for eleven years has now been Gucci pour Homme II. I will wear it till I die probably. I've had lots of nice comments over the years and one friend used to remark how it (afterwards) always reminded her of the few wonderful months we spent living in Egypt.

    I switch it up mostly with Aesop's Hwyl and Marrakech so I don't become too immune to any scent (normally I never find two scents I love within the same brand, but they are really nice). I can also definitely recommend bespoke scents. Jo Malone offers reasonably priced 'bespoke' scents; Ex Nihilo (I went to the one at Harrod's) gives a very unique and expert experience; and if you really want to invest, Floris in London offers the most expert bespoke product. A family friend had hers made by them and the process literally took months, with lots of back and forth.
  15. I love Versace's Eros.
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  16. I invested in Tom Ford Black Orchid a couple of weeks back and it is divine. Gets lots of comments (especially from straight guys...) at parties or in bars.

    My day-to-day is a Rituals (Elixir d'Orient if memory serves) which is really rich and silky. It lasts forever.
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  17. Aesop stuff are all excellent. KINGS.

    Tom Ford Black Orchid is basic as hell.
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  18. In all seriousness, I've stopped wearing scent since my favorite bottle ran out a few years ago and I'm too lazy/cheap to find it again.

    Au naturel is great if you bathe.
  19. Usually I wear Calvin Klein Be and Paco Rabbanne Invictus (I know, terrible!). I wear Versace Blue Jeans and Versace Dreamer for special occasions since those were expensive ddd
  20. Do Son Eau de Parfum by Diptyque is my go to during the summer.
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