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Snakes In The Grass, It's Time To Cut The Lawn: The 2018 R&B Legends Rate (VOTING OPEN!)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, May 6, 2019.

  1. This looks iconic and I really want to do it.
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  2. Do it!

    I have no idea how the results are going to turn out. This could be very interesting...
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  3. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    I literally forgot that I have to choose an 11 and now I'm sitting here like


    Like HOW am I supposed to decide between Long As I Live, The Distance, and Giving Me Life... whew I need to pray on this one
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  5. I went and looked them up.
    5 x 3
    4 x 3
    3 x 5
    2 x 1
    1 x 0
    0 x 1
  6. No scores above 5 for Mariah?!
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  8. Gonna do this (or at least start it) today, about to listen to Electric Cafe.
    I listened once during release week and was thoroughly disappointed - a shame because I loved Rocket.
    Maybe I didn't give it enough chance.
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  9. I’d be very interested to see everyone’s Electric Café scores.

    Rocket took a while to click with me, and I think the rest of the album is a bit like that - it’s not quite as immediate as, say, their nineties singles, but it’s still solid.
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  10. Hey @londonrain are you going to change your mind about the rate rules and ban any zeroes? Or would you just like to tell me what my scores should be?
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  11. Ddddd no. Give zeroes if you want to give them. As long as you’re doing the rate in good faith I’ll accept the scores.

    (And in all seriousness, @Empty Shoebox, you’re very welcome to participate.)
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  13. I'm close to wrapping up the Pet Shop Boys rate and I think I'll start this one after. I'm quite curious to listen to what some of my faves from back in the day who I haven't really paid much attention to recently have been releasing, especially Macy Gray, who I used to be a huge stan of during the first three album eras.
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  14. I went through a period of low-key not being able to stand her (although I Try and Still have always been favourites of mine), but she really brought me round with Ruby. White Man was a really great way to kick off the era.

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  15. That is pretty great! Cool video too.

    I'm curious, what criteria did you use to choose the songs to represent the albums that aren't here in full?
  16. I set myself a quota of five songs per album. I included all the singles from each album and then filled up the rest of the five-song quota with the songs that struck me as the best album tracks from each album.

    The one exception to this was the Mya album, because Ms. Harrison released too many singles this era, so I just picked the five singles that were (1) actually on the album and (2) received music videos.

    I excluded G.M.O. (which has a video but isn't on the album), Knock You Out (which does not have a video, as far as I can tell) and Ready, Part II (which is a reworked version of Ready For Whatever, has no music video, and contains an interpolation of It Seems Like You're Ready by R. Kelly).

    (Irritatingly, Ready For Whatever and Ready, Part II are listed on the album as "Ready For Whatever 2.0" and "Ready (Part III - 90's Bedroom Mix)" respectively, so you'll see "Ready For Whatever 2.0" on the Spotify playlist even though it's exactly the same as the Ready For Whatever video version. I really didn't want to add to the confusion by adding the other version to the song list.)
  17. I'm legitimately considering giving only four 10s and downgrading my other favourites to a 9.5 just so that my unsuccessful 11 contenders have at least some differentiation from the rest of the pack.

    Just for the two of you, here is my recommendation for the best mix of Coping, which remains a bop whichever version you listen to:

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  18. That coping remix is also in the spotify playlist and thank you for that cause that was a moment during the shuffle.
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