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Discussion in 'The Internet' started by Sam de Jour, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. Constant source of hilarity.

    Personally, it's an outlet for my drunken escapades, although other use can be found. In particular, Kyle's weekly rendition of Friday is also a sight to behold.

    Add me: lawsowned
  2. Gotta love a good Friday sing song.
  3. This went well.
  4. Feel free to add me as well: TheRebelHeart (yes really).

    Snapchat makes me happy.
  5. I'll enjoy this!


    is me.
  6. Let me put myself out there: remorq
  7. Added all of you, lets keep this train going!
  8. joe_alouder if any of y'all are interested. Apologies in advance for the horrors of my stories...
  9. I tend to only snap when I am wasted, it usually goes pretty well: Jwentz612
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  10. Mine's remorq

    I don't post all that much though...
  11. My username is Leeemunro if anyone would like daily snaps about me moaning about having no plans and staying in bed..
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  12. hennerbdenners if anyone wants it!
  13. We'll see.

    Remember when you berated me for not adding you on Facebook? Well, I searched and... nothing.
  14. My name isn't my normal name. Do you even know my name? I'm soooo mysterious.
  15. I think I do.

    Although, apparently Mr. Grey will not see me now.
  16. I can no longer find you either. Two ships passing in the night.

    Also, it's spelled the US way.

    Also that's still not my facebook name.
  17. #promo
  18. I'd add y'all but I'll end up never thinking of posting anything and end up looking like the creepy peeping neighbor.
  19. It's not that deep hun.
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  20. I need more people to make this fun. I'll probably add all of you soon, but my username is thisisfail anyway.
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