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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Digital_Fossil, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. I'm not sure which member runs @SneakerPimpsNow on Twitter, but they've been very active recently with explicit updates on the recording process. @IAMX has also retweeted them. This is a great surprise, and apparently it sounds very "2016".
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  2. With Kelli back on vocals - yes. With Chris back on vocals - no.
  3. 16 Underground?
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  4. Only interested if Kelli Ali is back on vocals.
    I never understood why they fired her, they were on a winning streak.
    Haven't liked anything from them since Becoming X.
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  5. I don't use "Splinter" all, but I thought "Bloodsport" was a very worthy successor to "Becoming X".

    Not sure about Kelli Ali, but that exact Twitter handle 'liked' a tweet hoping they recorded her as a guest vocalist...
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  6. A&E


    I loved Splinter, it might actually be my favourite of their albums! Bloodsport is the one that never quite clicked with me. Also the two tracks Natalie Imbruglia did with Chris and Liam (Cold Air and Broken Thread) are real gems, maybe they could invite her for a song?
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  7. Maybe Tottenham Hotspur will allow it....
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  8. Wow, did not expect this in a million years. Splinter is one of my favourite albums of all time so I'm very much here for this. Man I was totally obsessed with them around the Bloodsport era. I guess someone had to be!
  9. I randomly found out a bunch of Kelli era B-sides on Spotify. If I was her I'd be mad that after all these years, they want me back only now, but I'd be lying if I'd say I'm not interested in a sequel to Becoming X.
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  10. Why did they get rid of her? It made no sense from the outside.
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  11. Shame she got fired, but at least Kelli ended up releasing a few brilliant solo albums. I love Tigermouth and Psychic Cat.
  12. I interviewed all three of them for a fanzine during their Becoming X tour (and got all my many CDs signed, which I think pissed them off) and they didn't really have any chemistry. Liam seemed like a massive knob, Chris was alright and Kelli was very... detached. They weren't really "together" and didn't really look at each other. I left feeling very unimpressed with them. But the early music was just fantastic! I was gutted Kelli "left" (I'm pretty sure it was quite unpleasant). I'm just glad they never released Chris' original vocals of the demos for the debut album... I don't think I could listen to them! They were quite rightly dropped once the label heard they'd sacked her. I couldn't hum a note of what followed, but I bought it all for some reason...

    I'd love to have their cover of Firestarter released digitally/on CD, but as The Prodigy themselves said they hated it, they seemed quick to burry it. I don't even have the promo 7", but I have a ropey mp3 somewhere. I don't know how they'd sound in 2016, if Kelli was back? Hmmm. And did anyone ever check out Ultrafox? Female duo produced by Liam, on Loser Friendly Records (Client, Soho Dolls). Quite good.
  13. I can kind of understand that. Sometimes bands just have too many different ideas in one place and they clearly all wanted something different from the industry. It shows when you look at what they went on to do afterwards and it's all stuff that I generally like. Kelli and Chris' solo work (to a point), Liam's production stuff. One of the group works at my old work place now which is bizarre.

    I'm surprised by this new album but totally here for it. I loved everything they ever did.
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  14. Becoming X was absolutely fantastic, it was 100% what I wanted to hear when it was released. When Kelli wasn't on board I left them, but if she was back on board I think they completely 'have a lane' at the moment.
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  15. Keli Ali was unprofessional and dumping her was the best decision they ever made. She was only temporary until Chris, who wrote 90% of the material was ready to take the front. Evidenced by her solo career going nowhere.
  16. You are actually wrong on that point. This was never confirmed, it was put forward as a theory in a less respected music rag. (wikipedia only references it) Anyone who saw them live in the months before she was dropped would understand why as it was quite obvious. When I last saw them (with Kelli upfront) she had put on 20kg, stank like a wino, could not hold a note and just about fell off the stage..
  17. So they kicked her out of the band because of weight gain and body odour? Wow, I like them a whole lot less now. Thanks for confirming they're horrible people, as I suspected when I interviewed them in the months before she was dropped (when she was as slight in size as she's always been, not that her weight matters one bit when you have a voice like hers).
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  18. Absolutely. 'Angel in L.A.', 'Sunlight in the rain', 'Hotlips' and 'Last boy on earth' among other. She has some great songs.
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  19. Kelli has made some fantastic solo albums, Rocking Horse being my favourite.
    Psychic Cat, Tigermouth and Band of Angels are all excellent too.
    Becoming X still sounds terrific and I play it quite regularly.
    I didn't like any of the other SPs albums once she left.
  20. I think a reunion, if there is one, with her would garner quite a bit of press. It seems silly to not bury the hatchet and feature her on a track or two, maybe a duet.

    They originally canned Kelli because she felt entitled to creative input (i.e. changing lyrics) and Chris wasn't having it.
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