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Snoh Aalegra - FEELS (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by slaybellz, Oct 22, 2016.

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    Snoh Aalegra is an r&b soul/singer-songwriter from Sweden. She's released 2 EPs and a few singles and is currently working on new project.

    She's been signed a few times but they all fell through because major labels remain clueless. It's okay though because she released an amazing EP this year independently with the help of noted producer No I.D. who also produced her previous EP and mentors her. It also features guitar by John Mayer.

    She's been compared to the likes of Amy Winehouse and if she doesn't end making it big there is no pop justice.

    Feels - LP (2017)


    Don't Explain - EP (2016)


    There Will Be Sunshine - EP (2014)


    Other tracks:

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  2. I like her newest EP, and I feel like she's so incredibly stunning that she's probably bound to end up famous in some way even if music doesn't work out, so good for her.
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  3. Yeah she's gorgeous, she could definitely be a model. But I feel like that would be a waste of that amazing voice.

    Here are some live vids I should have included in my first post.

  4. I had her 'Don't Explain' EP on repeat earlier this year. The two interludes, In Your River, Don't Explain and Charleville 9200 are all amazing songs. She's absolutely gorgeous and her voice is amazing - I loved her on the remix on JMSN's 'Cruel Intentions'. Hope she becomes the next big thing!
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  5. Ya her Don't Explain EP is probably my favourite release of the year. I find it's significantly better than her first one, which is interesting because she was signed to Epic when she made the 1st one and indie when she made the 2nd. Further proof that labels hold down artists' full potential.

    I'm excited for her third project though. I have a feeling it will be even better.
  6. Is she Indie? I thought she was signed to No ID's Artium label, which is an imprint of Def Jam I think. That's who Jhene Aiko is signed to as well.
  7. Ya I think she has some sort of deal with Artium, she records most of her stuff with No I.D. and that team but she's been describing herself as indie ever since she left Epic. Not sure what that's about.
  8. So she's releasing a new song tomorrow off her new project coming in 2017. The song is called "FEELS".

    Her artwork game is honestly so on point.
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  9. My radio station played "In Your River" and "Home" earlier this year. Really excited to hear there's new music incoming.
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  10. Ya i've been hearing "In Your River" a couple places too. I really hope she blows up in 2017.
  11. @slaybellz so happy I stumbled upon this thread! I have been preaching the Snoh gospel since 2014. Don't Explain is my favorite release of 2016. I've seen her a few times in LA and love her aesthetic almost as much as I love her music. I always describe her as Amy Winehouse meets Kim Kardashian.
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  12. Ugh i'm jealous I want to see her live so badly! But ya same "Don't Explain" is my favourite release of 2016 and I love her aesthetic too, she honestly has the whole package.
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  13. Yas! I entered Emotional in the PJSC earlier this year. I'm too ready for an album at this point.
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  15. She has that something unusual. She feels as Winehouse a bit, but.
    Wow. Just wow
    I want way more
  16. She's a got a new song feat. Vince Staples.

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  17. ...That sample might be a bit overused now.
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  18. What's the sample? It does sound familiar.
  19. Isaac Hayes.

    Used in Portishead's Glory Box, and then Alessia Cara's Here too.
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  20. She just dropped another new song called "TIME"

    It's also been sampled on Drake's closing track "Do Not Disturb" from his new project More Life.

    I would have preferred an actual feature but hey i'll take it. Exposure is exposure.
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