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Snoh Aalegra - FEELS (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by slaybellz, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. Emotional was my jam last year so let me check all of this! I thought she disappeared so this is awesome.
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  2. It's working.

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  3. I think she may have signed to Capitol due to several clues on social media. Here's a new remix of Home:

    I hope she stays independent, her mini album campaign seemed to go so smoothly.
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  4. Ugh really? I was wondering why FEELS had been delayed so much. It was suppose to come out in April.

    Hopefully Capitol don't do her dirty like Epic did.
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  5. I was right! She's signed to Capitol's relaunch of Priority Records. Confirmed in this article:
    Her insta bio now reads FEELS - full project coming October. I've only been waiting... all year for this. I really hope she keeps the aesthetic from the single cover.
  6. Finally! And ya I hope she keeps the aesthetic too.

    Odd though that the release date is randomly on her insta bio but she hasn't made an announcement or anything.
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  7. New song!

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  9. It's been a while now but you plugged her in the Hipsterjustice thread sometime last year!
    I checked out Charlesville and the rest directly after that and was pretty much instantly smitten, hah.
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  10. Haha, oh yes! So glad I got you hooked, luv xx
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  12. Hyped!! It's almost been a year since she released Feels the song.
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  13. I'm relieved this has worked out for her after all. Love the video!
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  14. Having a kii watching her previous incarnation:
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  15. Omg I literally had no idea this was a thing. I'm a flop stan.

    The first song they played literally sounds like an early Saturdays song. I'm low key bopping.

  16. This is giving me all the 2009 Shontelle vibes I could've ever wanted.
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  17. Haha you're right. It's also giving me Denial by The Saturdays. It's comforting to know that I would have stanned her previous incarnation too.
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  18. Also she released another song today, featuring Logic.

    I'm excited for this track too. Apparently this is "Walls".

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