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Snoh Aalegra - FEELS (Debut Album)

Discussion in 'Potential next big things' started by slaybellz, Oct 22, 2016.

  1. FEELS is great. Hoping it gets the press and recognition it deserves.
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  2. Ugh it's so good.
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  3. I really need her to become more popular cause she's got the whole package.

    Who on this forum would be into this? We need to tag some people.

  4. She looks like Amy Winehouse and Kim Kardashian had a baby. And sounds like.... Amy and Michael Jackson? And of course she’s SWEDISH!
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  5. I'm also getting Alicia Keys vocally.
    GREAT album thanks @slaybellz
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  6. I will check it out.
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  7. Great & lengthy (video) interview here!
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  8. I love Gaby Wilson's interviews! She's the only good thing left at MTV.
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  9. I'm starting to stan Gaby! She really does her research. This is the first good interview I've seen of Snoh. She spilled so much tea... and I died for the Prince stories!
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  10. Limited edition merch and 45 signed vinyl are now available at - for just four days!!
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  11. Why just four days that's odd? I'm seeing her open for Daniel Caesar tomorrow i'm so stoked! Hopefully I can get that black hoodie.
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  12. My vinyl arrived today. Her management shipped it to my billing address instead of shipping, and to correct the mistake, hand delivered my copies today! Easily my favorite album of 2017.
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