She’s the newest Dr. Luke protégé unfortunately. It’s a shame too because ALL NIGHT is a very good pop song and I think she’s a pretty good dancer too.

This sucks because it instantly takes it from a woman being sexual in an empowered way to the creepy feeling of why are all Dr Luke's latest acts so sexual in their lyrics.
Even more tragic when you peep how much she’s biting from early Kesha sonically and thematically :/
It's a shame since much of her backstory seems rooted in mostly truth.
You know I love a deep-dive and it seems she was just a tiktoker from Houston who moved to LA to do dancing.

She kind of reminds me of Tay Money in that her creative team seems to be herself and friends (the main gay and girl dancing with her in Wet Dream seem to be in all of her videos). Though who knows how deeply she was in development knowing how Luke plucked Kesha out of Nashville years prior to her debut. She has 2 singles that seem to be wiped from the internet so who knows if that's when Amigo + Luke took her on as a project.

She seems not just signed for publishing to RX Songs but as an artist being fully developed by Amigo Records.

It's how insidious the industry really is. RX Song highlights in their PR how it's a "highly female hierarchy" with all the A&Rs being these millennial women and their senior VPs are all women and so is their director of operations (despite her being the long-time girlfriend-now-wife of Dr. Luke's long-time engineer). They highlight things like Kim's trans identity or have someone like this girl talking at length about being a queer WOC.

And that does endear the listener to the artist. She's very likable in the Zach Sang interview, whether talking about being very progressive herself or losing her mother at an early age. But in the same way it endears me to her, it's uncomfortable that 2 years ago this then 19-year-old was plucked out of Houston and essentially made into a new project by someone who has committed violence against women, including deep sexual violence.
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