These last two episodes were a massive jump in quality. I was hooked on the finale and always appreciate how Snowpiercer resets its playing field each season with such powerful new dramatic directions.

More Jennifer Connelly is definitely needed next season though.
Not really a surprise, their network (TNT) have basically cancelled absolutely all scripted original drama so that would have included Snowpiecer. A shame Netflix aren't feeling inclined to step in given they seem to have had some success with it internationally.
So season 4 was already filmed and then TNT cancelled it? Makes no sense? I hope Netflix picks it up like they did Manifest.
What has happened to the final season of this? Why haven't Netflix just brought it to finish it off for us UKers?
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It's absurd how great TV shows like this one are left for dead and the crap they run on TV instead is apparently loved enough to keep going. Ugh.
Amazing news. The fact the finished season has been sitting on Zaslav’s laptop for 2 years just because he wanted a tax write off is disgusting.