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[So-and-so] is the new Madonna.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DiscoBlue, May 9, 2009.


    It takes more than a hit record and some wacky outfit to be Madonna.
  2. I agree. There can't be no new marilyn monroe, there can't be any new Madonna either. New bitches have to be something new.
  3. I agree. There has to categorically be at least three wait/hesitate rhymes.
  4. they should also rhyme those words with "anticipating"
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  5. tommie

    tommie Guest

    Young and tasty Paula Abdul is the new Madonna.

  6. Just maybe if Madonna's next album is good, SHE could be the next Madonna? I know that's kind of a stretch...
  7. Yeah, frankly I'd be happy if Madonna was the new Madonna, the old Madonna or anyone except the current Madonna.

    That said, if anyone starts bouncing around to pop tunes in a huge frilly white dress like with "Like a Virgin" era Madonna, I will start calling them the new Madonna.
  8. One of the most annoying things about Madonna's early-ish career was the constant comparisons to Marilyn Monroe. Granted, Madonna can't really act and her singing voice wasn't all that back then, but... oh.

    But yes, people saying that an artist is the new someone-or-other is lazy in the extreme.
  9. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    When Try This came out I started thinking if anyone's the new Madonna, in the sense they get away with all kind of musical and look-wise make-overs, aren't afraid to speak their mind, and are amazing performers, it's Pink...
  10. I've often thought that. I'm not her biggest fan but I think she has her 'essence'.
  11. I used to think this as well, but I'm not so sure I'd agree anymore. There are some obvious comparisons though.

    I do think it is more likely P!nk will be around in another 10 to 15 years time still singing, touring and performing than Britney who, at this point, I can't see touring for much longer after the latest one has proven to be her sleepwalking through the motions.
  12. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    What changed your mind?
  13. I used to think this too, but as much as I still love P!nk, I don't think so anymore. She is definitely a great artist, but she is nowhere near as boundry pushing as Madonna was - even though her live performances are incredible. I suppose there will never be another Madonna.
  14. Maybe there won't be another Madonna because what she's done can't be replicated? I mean, Madge has already broken several barriers (so to speak) which have been left broken. There's little left to do that she hasn't done already, is there? Other artists may upstage Madonna vocally/dance-wise/performance-wise but the fact still remains: she's Madonna.
  15. Exactly. I just don't think the music industry today can support an artist like Madonna ever again - because 1) Sales are down badly, and are only going to keep deteriorating, so know one could come close to the 200 Million she's sold and 2) everything has already been done before to be honest - Madonna did something groundbreaking, pushed boundaries like sex and religion when they were actually controversial, was a landmark for female artists (being the first with complete control over music and image) and influenced them for decades to come etc etc. No one these days could make the impact and influence like she did - times have simply moved on. Her impact can't be emulated.
  16. I've never really liked Madonna. Maybe I'm too young to understand what an impact she's made.
  17. I totally agree, what barriers are there that Madonna hasn't already broken?
  18. Also, Madonna and Michael were the two who really maximized the power of video and we've seen now that record companies often feel videos are a waste of time so the budgets are not there.

    Younger artists who admire her often don't fully GET her. They say things like "She's a great businesswoman" but don't pay attention to the care she applied to her music, or they don't acknowledge how she is a sort of 24/7 star without resorting to drug addiction or emotional breakdown as a means of attention seeking.OR they don't educate themselves about photography/art, culture and film etc to mine for their own use. Madonna is a true fan of all these things and she reinterprets them.

    Pink is amazing and she has some M's angry spirit, but her last record was too safe, IMO. Too much of what she'd done before. Gwen has the potential to do all kinds of music, but - and I say this with love - she does not have Madonna's brain AT ALL.
  19. Yes, I love Funhouse (and I'm Not Dead) but since Try This failed she has taken hardly any risks with her music, which is what drew me to her to begin with.
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