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[So-and-so] is the new Madonna.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DiscoBlue, May 9, 2009.

  1. I like Kanye as an artist, but I think he makes himself quite inaccessible. He has some good ideas and has done some great stuff... But having read some of his blogs and other writings, I'm not sure if he's as clever as he would like to be.

    He's also lacking any real iconography. He's a commendable attempt, mind.
  2. I've thought this for ages. Gay sexuality is just not represented in pop because I think everyone (including a lot of gays) have a ridiculously narrow view of it.
  3. Am I the only one who wants there to be an openly male/female gay popstar in the mainstream? One that actually sings about men/women. Surely that's still a boundary to be pushed? We've had t.A.T.u for the lesbians, but they were fake and a gimmick. And Katy Perry isn't coming close to pushing boundaries by singing about kissing girls either.
  4. Really? The first Madonna era I remember is Ray Of Light. I may remember bits and pieces of previous albums, but surely I was too young to understand what she was about at that age? I only started to take an interest in pop music when the Spice Girls came around in '96. Before that I only listened to anything with a donk on it as mister PJ would say. Oh yeah, I also remember Evita.
  5. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    You mean like a white wedding dress and a boy toy belt?
  6. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    The only people who are hot in music right now who could even come close, are probably Kanye and Rihanna. I almost put Eminem but he's now in the middle of his career and has made his impact in other ways.
  7. Kylie got interviewed by some trollops on what looked like an American GMTV for speed freaks lately. I'm sure they said "So you're, like, the Madonna for the world?" to which Kylie replied "Yeah, something like that".
  8. Ray


    There is absolutely nobody close to Madonna. Britney is probably closest. Rihanna? Please. Kanye? Mwahahaha. Just because he SAYS he is amazingly fascinating, he doesn't become anything remotely close to that.
  9. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    ^That Today show interview was weird. There was a whole lot of shreiking and chattering and almost none of it involved Kylie. She sort of sat there looking bewildered.

    Weird that they would say "Madonna for the world" when of course, just like in America, in "the world", Madonna is bigger than Kylie.
  10. MC


    I think the closest we've got to an openly gay pop star singing about men/women is Steven Gately cuddling a man in the "Better" video.It would be tough for him to express his homosexuality though as he's in a group with four married men.I wonder if Boyzone songs have to be gender-neutral nowadays?
  11. I'm disappointed that younger pop fans don't understand the importance of Madonna. I think we should start an all encompassing thread educating the masses, including her seminal videos, performances, interviews, photoshoots, quotes (she's always been great for a one liner) etc. A Madonna 101 of sorts or an Encyclopaedia Madonnica (an actual book that I still have) as opposed to a General Madonna topic. Where would be the best place for that thread to live?

    On the gay issue I really can't emphasise enough how important she was to a rural closeted gay teen growing up in the late 80s / early 90s (me!). Her interviews with The Advocate, gay (or more importantly queer) imagery in her work, men kissing in In Bed, the flamingly gay dancers, Vogue, The Gaiety in Sex, a gay brother!, the gay ballet teacher, Keith Haring, the AIDS work, In This Life, Poor Is The Man Whose Pleasures Depend Upon The Permission Of Another, male dancers sexing on stage, etc. really helped me feel OK about who I was and spurred me on to move to London where the streets were paved with gays.
  12. When Madonna started off she had absolutely no inclination to be 'the next' anyone, she was always intent on being, for want of a better description, the first Madonna. I know it's almost always the media and not the artists themselves that make references to being the new Madonna or Madonnas successor, but I think that the only way someone can be the next Madonna is if they have no interest in being Madonna.

    It would be pretty hard for someone to achieve even half of what she has if they were simply taking her template and running with it.
  13. Well... I'm not sure I'd agree with that. She was very much interested in emulating the likes of Katherine Hepburn, Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe - infact, just through looking through Madonna's work the influences are obvious. The difference is that Madonna was in somewhat of a new arena with pop music culture changing drastically in the 80's, and she learned to play to her strengths. Thankfully her music overshadowed her dire attempts at becoming the movie star she wanted to be; it has been said that she initially saw music as a stepping stone to bigger and better things - she just made a massive impact and discovered where her talents lie.

    The problem is that the pop industry still works to the "Madonna template". Most artists are retracing her steps, one way or another.
  14. Well yeah that is a good point actually - I suppose I was more thinking along the lines of what she ended up achieving early on rather than what she may have hoped/expected to. It does seem though that as long as new artists and people in the industry are following her lead there won't be a "New Madonna" for quite some time.
  15. It took Will Young till album 4 to coyly refer to his "baby boy" on Disconnected. I just want there to be a fit gay male popstar who isn't camp or stereotypical who sings songs about boys, with hot videos to go with them. Sadly that's a label's worst nightmare.
  16. I dont care about camp (afterall, alot of gay men are camp to a degree), and I don't care about being a bit stereotypical. I don't want a hunk to salivate over, I want someone i can relate to.
  17. I may be in the minority here, but most of the time I prefer it if songs don't actually make reference to a "he", "she", "baby boy", "baby girl", etc. I find it detracts from the song; I'd rather forget about the artist's own personal preferences.
  18. that's why I adore the Pet Shop Boys.
  19. I agree as well! It's a bugger singing along to a lot of songs if the singer is a different gender from you... Well, unless you're gay I suppose...

    I'm all for non-gender specific lyrics!
  20. the closest we have to that is Gaga: she's openly bi, in a non-gimmicky way.... well i don't see it as a gimmick....

    as for the gay thing,,, when i grow up, i wanna be famous, i wanna be a star, but a star that can change the way we see homosexuals.... openly gay... but not stereotypical... i wanna sing songs about boys, with hot videos to go with them...
    i'm worried that if i don't do it... then it may be a long time 'til we see this...
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