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[So-and-so] is the new Madonna.

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by DiscoBlue, May 9, 2009.

  1. I don't want a new Madonna, because we have Madonna still. I don't want another Britney, because we already have THE Britney Spears. There won't be another Morrissey nor will there ever be another Bowie. And then there is the Bush......

    Lady Gaga is fundamentally flawed as a personality, as a pop star and as a human being. I love her album, but she is a complete horse turd. There is nothing i want to know about her, nor do i wonder what she will do next. She basically is a try hard who hasnt got "it"....whatever that thing may be.

    I agree strongly with comments about todays schizo pop culture...sadly we are all stuffing our faces with downloads here there and everywhere, its all a mile a minute.....i dont think a great big fat megastar uber era-defining pop star of yester year will show up anytime soon. Its just not possible.

    Which is sad.
  2. B.t.w I had this weird thought listening to katy perry's album....i remember madonna talking about hearing it and loving it AAAAGES ago...and there is a line where katy sings about being a hard candy.

    I think madonna heard this and basically stole the concept for the rebranding of Hard Candy from whatever it was before all that pink and white photoshopping went on. I know its a ridiculous theory but it fits with my general feeling of madonna.

    She is a hard worker...that does not translate to being a creative.
  3. Ray


    Sadly, "stereotypically gay" and "hot videos" are synonymous, so your wish is deemed to never be granted.
  4. Nobody can replace Madonna. But yeah we have a new icon on the scene. Britney :)
  5. Ray


    Well you don't become The New Madonna after an album or two. Lily Allen has to wait.
  6. Only Britney's fans claim she is the new Madonna, and I'm not even sure they're convincing themselves.
  7. multimediac17

    multimediac17 Moderator

    I love Britney, but no. She won't be the new Madonna until she gets some performance skills and some control and stops with that glassy-eyed face she always has on. I wish her music wasn't so bloody good so I could have a full-on rant about what a ridiculous pop star she's become.
  8. I'm the new Madonna.....the rest can fuck off and eat my dust....now watch me burn
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  9. I don't even think that perceptions of what male (homo)sexuality in Pop music should be like are any more narrow-minded than the female one and Madonna (and her "heirs" Britney, Xtina, Gaga) are definitely partially to blame for that. Just look at how Kelly Clarkson, La Roux or Jordin Sparks have been ripped to shreds for being overweight, not looking feminine enough or having a frigid attitude. They don't play the sex-kitten game and hence, they fail.

    Jimmy Sommerville was trying his best in the 80's to change the Pop landscape, but because of his politic activism he was shoe-horned and never could break free from the "gay" tag. George Michael's career in America at least had sadly never recovered, but his fall from grace in Europe had probably more to do with his weird lifestyle decisions.

    I think Sam Sparro's "Sick" is the perfect example on how to lyrically craft a universal song everybody could relate to without denying the singer's own personality.
  10. I think the potential shortlist for the 'new Madonna' can be immediately cut down significantly by only keep those who have never embarrassed themselves in public drunk, have kept their bodies in a healthy shape all the time, and have chosen the right people to manage them.
    Not the mention the music quality, breaking boundaries, construction of image, breaking taboos, manipulation of the media, and of course, bloodyminded determination met with reasonable ability or talent in one form or another.
  11. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Have we said Lady Gaga? We should and end this.
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  12. I ended up in this thread by accident and it is incredibly entertaining/absurd. Sorry for digging this out but sharing is caring.
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  13. This thread aged spectacularly.
  14. I feel like, at this point, Gaga is a totally justified “new Madonna”. The innovation and consistent bops. Apart from that, yeah, Madonna is unique
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  15. I'm screaming.
  16. To be honest...
  17. To be fair, if Gaga wins an acting Oscar she won't be the new Madonna, she'll have transcended that and become the new Cher.
  18. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Actually think my comments stand up in this one.
  19. Somehow I just knew based on the title that this thread was from 2009.
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