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so many questions, so many songs unrated; the iamamiwhoami/ionnalee discography rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by eatyourself, Nov 22, 2021.


Which album is your favorite?

  1. bounty

  2. kin

  3. blue




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  1. If you read all BOUNTY song titles at once it goes "BOUNTY; john, clump" which was a tongue-in-cheek way of saying "BOUNTY; by jonna & claes", so I understand why they are on the album. It's important to notice there was a nine month gap (a pregnancy!) between the release of Y and ; john. What happened in these nine months is a mystery, but something definitely derailed their plans - "BOUNTY" was supposed to be the name of the band/project, not an album. I don't think they were even thinking of releasing those songs as an album, they were probably meant to act as preludes for something more specific (probably the Mouth of a River album), hence the songs being so at odds with each other, but then ; john came along and the project took its course.

    In the first interviews she gave (I swear to god I can't find them anymore, but I'm not lying...) she said something about not expecting the YouTube videos getting so much traction, much less going viral. I speculate that the relatively big buzz around T and Y at the time (MTV reporting it was wild) made them stick to the original plan of releasing everything as YouTube videos and online singles. In these nine months I suspect they might have looked for a label.

    There is a direct chronologic connection between ;john, clump, the 20101104 video, the first concert and KIN. So yes, one could argue ; john and clump would logically fit on KIN better from a chronological stand point, BUT! The themes of the videos make it very clear that the Jonna we see in ; john and clump is not the same we see in sever. In fact, the title 'sever' tells it as it is: it's a break up in narrative and in release method (remember KIN was released before BOUNTY as an album). We see her get "impregnated" (what a terrible word) at the end of BOUNTY and then she only gives birth around rascal/goods, so I kind of see KIN as her "maternity album", the baby here being the album itself. Lots of incongruent information but what I'm ultimately trying to say is, they didn't seem to have any intentions on releasing an album before they did the first In Concert and then Way Out West. ; john and clump are on BOUNTY because "BOUNTY" is literally everything that was left from the first "wave" of the project, like a greatest hits of sorts. sever was the first single of theirs where we can notice a "cycle" going on, from the cliffhanger endings in KIN to its evolving single covers.

    There is of course a lot more to say about the implications that "john" is the name we give to the clientelle of sex workers, but I intend on boring you to death with all that when ; john gets eliminated.
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  2. IF ; john gets eliminated.
  3. You're amazing ily.

    I never really made deep thoughts about the whole thing, probably because I started to stan around Blue Blue and things were... not so chaotic. But it makes a lot of sense. I think we tend to forget that "KIN" is the actual debut, and BOUNTY was much more of a collection put together (and released physically after I believe?).

    It would be amazing to have a full interview about the process, especially since nowadays it doesn't feel so "secretive and mysterious" and they (or Jonna mostly) feel open to discuss about the past.

    It guess they really just had no idea of what they were doing and then things blew off a little harder than expected dd.
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  4. Nah I don’t care about the actual chronology, I HATE when sites put the album order with kin first or call it the debut album or list it bounty as released in 2013. NO.
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  5. I lowkey don't like that Bounty cover is just a white square and it feels a little afterthought dd.
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  6. ugh right? for one of the most visually breathtaking video albums to have... that as a cover. not exactly something to display in the home.

    reminds me of when they finally sold merch and it was undies with a black square

  7. you all keep giving us easy posts to quote nn


    "can you see the scar in the perfect sky?
    and the hills align with a crocked smile"

    in due order

    released: april 2012 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: kin


    highest scores:
    10.00 @kal @LE0Night @MisterNovem
    9.75 @He / 9.50 @Ana Raquel
    9.00 @DinahLee @NightmareBoy @TéléDex @clowezra @askew

    lowest scores:
    5.00 @sfmartin @huntypoo
    6.00 @Andy French

    eatyourself’s score: 7.50

    in due order is track #5 on KIN. in this study on how a k-pop video would look like if it were sponsored by IKEA, jonna takes us on a psychedelic, industrial, new wave and why not witch house adventure. we pick up right where play left off, even though it doesn't seem like it! play and in due order represent two sides of the same thing - one is dark, inebriate and lustful, while the other is bright, fast-paced and busy. one could see them as two sides of a human brain (one side is creativity++, the other logic++), as representations of femininity and masculinity (a bit like ying and yang), or even as sun/day and moon/night. i think all of those ideas are valid, because they all drive us to the point where it meets the plot.

    we'll get to sever, good worker and play eventually, but to sum it up: our sister was brutally awakened from her mandragora fantasy dreams, got kidnapped and dragged into the woods, where she literally got hit by lightning and turned into the ultimate clump-thing-wh*re. as i said in previous eliminations, jonna stated that the clump things represent her personal insecurities and fears, so them bringing her to the middle of the woods could mean many things. one of them is that KIN is the actual story on how jonna lee the folk singer stopped dreaming of being a synth-driven human plant and actually become it; they took her from the comfort of her home into the dirty world of iamamiwhoami. in another interpretation, the creature we see in ; john and clump is the final form of the mandragora turned human. she is the alraune, the vessel upon which humanity could plant its seed and live forever (we will talk about this soon, i promise it will be clear!!). we see this exact story played out to us during BOUNTY, though through jonna's personal lens, and probably full of personal meanings to her. in good worker/play the clumps are simply taking the mandragora back to where she came from, in an attempt to undo the transformation, as if she was doubtful of her choice of becoming human (maybe a reference to the fear of changing career paths), and in in due order she's taking control of her body and decisively choosing her own destiny, taming her fears and making them dance according to her music. there is another theory that the "baby" she has in the wardrobe in kill is, in fact, product of jonna's and clump-thing's intercourse during play, but i'll leave that one for when play leaves.

    i like the song. i like its references, i like her affected vocals, i like her being petty in the video... but after all these years of stanning, this one is what got old the worst. there is something about evey single layer of sound here being extremely loud that i can't stand behind. it also goes on for a bit too long.

    glitterizer’s score: 6.75

    @kal (10) “a robo-bop! i really dig the industrial instrumental.”

    @sfmartin (5) “like traipsing through sludge into a haunted house. it’s all very unsettling. it goes on about a minute too long.”

    @andru (8) “i feel like this one gets a hard time, and it's not as bad as some fans make out. i really like the beat and feel like some of the lyrical choices are quite unconventional and interesting.”

    @DinahLee (9) “i know some bad workers will actually tank this. we don't ask for anything industrial plink plonk”

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  8. HOWLING. I hate you so much sdkfjhfkfkf
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  9. Jonna is absolutely captivating in the video. I love watching it.
  10. I bought that ikea unit because of In Due Order.

    Everything I said about clump applies here. It really feels like sibling of clump and I love it.

    Some people are really concerning me here! Get thy ears checked, darlings!

    Jokes aside, there are multiple 10s on each album for me, so this isn't a total devastation.
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  11. I really should have given in due order the 10 it deserved. Now give me good redundancy and all will be well.
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  12. Good to see @Andy French and I on the right side of history!
  13. i'm nervously waiting to see sever taking its leave from now on
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  14. [​IMG]


    "comes and goes like dawn
    nowhere feels like home"


    released: april 2019 | artist: ionnalee | album: REMEMBER THE FUTURE


    highest scores:
    10.00 @Andy French @Zdarlight @kal @eatyourself
    9.50 @Glitterizer @TéléDex
    9.20 @Untouchable Ace

    lowest scores:
    5.00 @cleosnatchra
    5.50 @S_BX

    eatyourself’s score: 10.00

    SOME BODY is track #3 on REMEMBER THE FUTURE. The song was composed especially for the album and served as its second single after OPEN SEA. while the videos for post-iamamiwhoami songs don't usually carry a message or dabble in the project's lore too deeply, this one has interesting imagery. we can see jonna walking around a rocky formation (very reminiscent to the cliff scene in midsommar) while carrying a seedling, most likely looking for a place to plant it. she's wearing all white/silver, colors that constantly serve as a reference to the 'human/artificial' world. but the most meaningful bit about this video is the black and white spiral lights that are projected over jonna, and it's reflection on the audience's glasses. while the scene instantly evokes an idea of hypnosis, the colors are what really get me. black and white as colors are the main vessel for the message during the project, from the BOUNTY & KIN covers to the colors of the sets, her outfits, and even her skin. in general terms (and i'll explore more about that on our next elimination), white represents reality/humanity/artificality while black represents nature/fantasy/spirituality. SOME BODY is the first video where we see both colors spun together, as if part of the same system, as if she had finally managed to cope with her own duality.

    the song is a major bop. i love that she's not taking it seriously in the video and her sense of humor comes through. i read the lyrics a bit like "can y'all stop acting nostalgic for my old stuff and star buying my new albums pleek" and the single cover being a picture of her ass cheeks is the cherry on top.

    glitterizer’s score: 9.50

    issabop (and would have ranked much higher if it wasn’t on RTF)

    @kal (10) “a vibe”

    @sfmartin (9) “A shining moment on the album. Ticks a lot of boxes but doesn't accomplish anything she hasn't done better before. Doesn't go hard enough for me in any direction. It peters away at the end which is mildly unsatisfying.”

    @andru (9) “Reminds me of Kate Bush, in a similar way that t and WORK do so I love it! I'm not a huge fan of the video though. The outdoor scenes have become a bit iconic due to the prophetic use of masks and its sense of isolation, but the indoor scenes are so poorly lit they're difficult to enjoy.”

    @DinahLee (8.5) “this is very pop isn't it? The chorus feels very lighthearted-80s-beat. It's a nice constrast to the heavier verses”

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  15. WaiT, "Remember the Future" outlasted "Some Body"? Mess. Also, love how the uneventful video for "Remember the Future" was erased from existence!
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  16. DDDD I forgot about this! Will fix the post.
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  17. Hater!!
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  18. I'm not a close follower of Ionna so I didn't know In Due Order was hated; it's still one of my favorites from her discography

    i mean this is definitely right up my alley
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  19. SOME BODY sounding like a EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN outtake works in the best way; and the atmospheric feeling of an otherwise been there done that Jonna bop is its identity

    And I'm happy that the right two songs from REMEMBER THE FUTURE have been picked!
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  20. dd Mess at the great songs from Remember The Future being eliminated already.

    I kinda like the RTF videos in all its Wall-E glory. If I remember it correctly, she confirmed recently there was supposed to be +1 video (some sort of Live one?) but then they couldn't make it because of Health issue?

    In Due Order bops and just not being part of bottom 10 makes me have faith ih humanity.
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