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so many questions, so many songs unrated; the iamamiwhoami rate / THE WINNER!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by eatyourself, Nov 22, 2021.


Which album is your favorite?

  1. bounty

  2. kin

  3. blue




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  1. Mystery of Love is not just an ethereal fantastic discography highlight, but also another case of injustice in this rate, even though it's barely started! When did this ridiculous consensus that Remember the Future is Jonna's weakest effort occur exactly? It is absolutely hideous and it will ruin your skin girls.
  2. Oh damn, the album is bad, but I wouldn’t go that far!
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  3. I don't know where it started, but I absolutely disagree with it. For me, RTF is a much stronger album than EATBF.

    Also, the in due order hate is news to me... I don't really love a lot of kin, but I wasn't aware that people had such feelings about in due order in particular until now!
  4. In Due Order out before Rascal and Ripple? No baby NO.

    Remember The Future being the "worst" album is probably still a compliment since the album isn't bad. It's boring at worst, and I'd say it just lacked higher highs, but it is still a cute 7. I've made my mind around it and made commentary about the whole album around "Silence My Drum" so it will be known once it's finally out. Probably soon ddd

  5. this is my villain origin story


    "flotsam and jetsam,

    all this driftwood
    can’t you see the forest
    for the trees?"


    released: november 2014 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: BLUE


    highest scores:
    10.00 @kal
    9.80 @Kadebostany / 9.75 @Glitterizer
    9.50 @LE0Night /
    9.40 @S_BX
    9.30 @MisterNovem
    9.00 @He @lob0to @Andy French

    lowest scores:
    1.00 @Wild Man.
    3.00 @Cutlery
    4.00 @sfmartin @DinahLee
    5.00 @AGiantSheep

    Glitterizer’s score: 9.75

    BLUE take its first hit as we lose ripple far too son for this host! this was the eighth chapter in the BLUE series and is one of the project's most divisive songs, based around a repetitive buzzing synth loop, handclaps, bells and ethereal chanting (the flotsam and jetsam part is one of my favorites in the whole album). i find it a fantastic experiment, but i also can kind of see why people who dislike it really dislike it. but i still think most of the haters are just the same annoying try-hard hipsters who disliked BLUE's direction and couldn't accept her doing something poppier or *gasp* lighthearted!!

    ahem. yes, the song by itself is already very... cheerful, compared to most of iamamiwhoami's material, and i love it for being this isolated little funky oddity amidst ominous bops and powerful pop choruses, but the video really elevates it even further into pure joy. according to jonna, the song symbolizes "union", and here we see her trying to go reunite with the shadow figures (us, the fandom) after fleeing from us for most of the narrative. it's interesting that the shadows in this video are different from the ones seen chasing jonna in the previous ones (they have different bodies, including female ones), and it is theorized that this represents her embracing the good, healthy side of the fanbase. instead of stalking jonna and butting heads with one another and being generally unpleasant, these ones seem more friendly, just chilling, working out, content with the bottles they get and doing their little dancey dances. i love how the video is edited to the beats, the choreography reminiscent of goods, it's just the perfect package for silliness (they even show one of the white shadow figures... jerking off while the song is playing during CONCERT IN~BLUE samjfskf). i think those were meant to represent iamamiwhomi/TWIMC as a concept or something, instead of the fandom. make of that what you will!

    eatyourself’s score: 7.00

    this is a lot of fun, another case where i appreciate her doing something new. you gotta give it to her that she's always experimenting with new stuff. i didn't give this such a high score because it gets a bit repetitive and there's a hint of sarcasm here. the video where she takes us (the men in black) for a fun swim in the lake only to get kidnapped by us in the last dancer and ultimately mass-murder us on shadowshow... an iconic ending to the trilogy. the 'flotsam and jetsam' bit is hauntingly beautiful and should be featured at least one more time.

    @kal (10)
    “a trip”

    @sfmartin (4) “a bit of an ordeal. a tad headache inducing. needed something else to happen to not be completely skippable.”

    @andru (7) “another track that i think gets unfairly criticised and will probably get tanked by much lower scores than mine. it's certainly the worst song on blue, but not nearly as bad as fans make it out to be. i like the beat, and the visual is a lot of fun too.”

    @DinahLee (4) “i hate this. i honestly hate this. i can't explain. makes me physically sick. that shadowman masturbating during "concert in blue" is my sleep paralysis demon.”

    @babyblue (8) “feels like an odd one out on the album, but a good track on its own.”

    @Ana Raquel (8) “definitely messy, but also a standout on an album that is somewhat lacking in it (compared to the first two, at least). can't wait to see this finishing in the bottom 5 or something.”


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  6. and we avoided the bottom 10! Silver linings etc
  7. Precisely! Why are we not addressing the fact that EATBF is only properly amazing when you cut almost a third of it out? Meanwhile I'm bopping to Some Body and Open Sea and RTF's title track joyfully and moisturizedly.

    Ripple is the correct one out at this point. It would probably sound a bit better on some other iam album, but BLUE is so heavily based on effervescent bulletproof bops that it just can't help but feel out of place and ruin the flow. There is an amazing song hidden somewhere underneath that buzzing riff, but it becomes a bit annoying by the time the track finishes. I do love how adventurous it feels though. The bridge is obviously absolutely epic.
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  8. [​IMG]


    "our lives will eventually be in harmony
    with the world we have to live in"

    GENESARETS SJÖ (tungorna feat. ionnalee)

    released: november 2019 | artist: tungorna & ionnalee | album: BABY


    highest scores:
    10.00 @andru @DinahLee @eatyourself
    9.00 @kal @misternoivern @huntypoo @Andy French

    lowest scores:
    4.00 @le0night
    4.50 @Wild Man.

    eatyourself’s score: 10.00

    GENESARETS SJÖ is a cover of the kjell höglund song from 1984, from his album tidens tecken. the main artist here is tungorna, jonna's labelmate, with her appearing as a featured artist; the song was released as a single from his debut album BABY, being jonna's first release sung in swedish. the song's title translates to english as 'sea of galilee', the one jesus walked upon according to the bible. the lyrics, even though a little abstract, talk about transformation: "water turning into wine", "the dream of a different life", "looking forward and upward" - a theme very close to iamamiwhoami's core. the original song is over 6 minutes long, so much of the lyrics got cut for tungorna and jonna's version, and i couldn't find a proper reason for them to have chosen this song to cover, but my best guess is that it has to do with this verse:

    "i have packed personal matters,
    i’ve written a letter To whom it may concern.
    i will do what i can, and a little more,
    then things will be what they will be."

    for a song based on the same 4-bar melody on loop i find this extremely effective and moving. it's warm, bright, hopeful and the video/cover art only adds to that impression. there are several other lines in the lyrics that remind me of the project: "your kisses taste of strawberry and milk", "the roots grow stronger as the wind blows", "the dream of living a different life", "they run like a river through my insides" - it all makes sense with the imagery, lyrics and lore of jonna's work. i'm also a language enthusiast whose sole learning tool is memorizing lyrics, and i love jonna lee and the swedish language, so this is all an event for me.

    Glitterizer’s score: 7.00

    @sfmartin (5.5) “A bit all over the place.” expose the fact you didn't listen to the songs in full, bestie!

    @andru (10) “I love that this is one of the few times Jonna sings in Swedish and it was a very exciting release at the time for that reason. The video (and the video for Tungorna; NOSA) appears to be footage filmed at the same time as the photo for mouth of a river was taken which Jonna shared during the release of KRONOLOGI, so the video here may even give us some insight into that project's aesthetic too.”

    @DinahLee (10) “I can't explain at all but this is like few synths away from being her own "Get Together". That's all.”

    @Babyblue (8.25) “i am very happy she covered this, because it turned me onto the original that I love. i don't really listen to her cover much since, however.”

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  9. MYSTERIES OF LOVE is a bit like an extension of HERE IS A WARNING, albeit marginally better

    Of course I'm days behind and just saw the new page... Two good eliminations, though! I can never get behind how ripple shows the worst from ionna's ~experimental~ side. A bit, I'm afraid to say, pots and pans in that sense. I have yet to enjoy a track from the other twimc acts ññ
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  10. Me losing one of my lowest and highest scores back to back? Well.

    My 4 for Ripple was based on that gorgeous middle eight/bridge/interlude whatever you call it but I absolutely hate the rest. It’s just super annoying and basic compared to the whole Blue soundscape. I can see that it might be a uptempo moment, especially on the second part of the album, but it does sound all over the place. That buzzing riff, the hard hitting drums and that damn Harp… no.

    GENESARETS SJÖ (yes I had to copy and paste) on the other hand is just a really great gem. Funny how both songs are repetitive but they go totally different ways, with Ripple feeling busy and loud while Genesarets is very sparse. We need Jonna’s Chromatica Conceptual House Album
  11. There's a lot of interesting things going on in ripple but it just doesn't come together in a compelling way for me. I realized while reviewing what a production-head I am when it comes to their work, so the way the synth builds is exciting for me but the limp breakdown isn't creative enough to deliver on the song's promise so it just ends up feeling disjointed.

    I've also never really dug into the lyrics post-kin so I'm finding that fascinating and I'm very much enjoying getting to know all these songs a little better!
  12. He


    What is this In Due Order slander?
  13. Hmm reading my sister’s write-up made me realize I may have underscored this one a bitsy!
  14. ripple is one of my favorites from blue, i just love how chaotic that is.
    and that's why people don't like it that much. i expected that.
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  15. #56

    "carry my head

    with this mangled body
    it hurts like hell"


    released: february 2018 | artist: ionnalee | album: EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN


    highest scores:
    10.00 @Wild Man. @huntypoo
    9.00 @Remyky22
    8.50 @le0night @nightmareboy

    lowest scores:
    4.00 @sfmartin
    5.00 @sleet@DinahLee

    eatyourself’s score: 8.00

    LIKE HELL is track number #4 on ionnalee's EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN. it is the long-awaited full version of prelude from 2010. the lines "lights are on / there's nobody home / lungs are lid / and heart is mould" did not appear in the prelude, but its existence was known ever since she performed the song acapella on the first ever in concert.

    as this is the album version and not the prelude i won't write extensively about the meaning of it right now, but it is nice to point out that this (much like most of BOUNTY and a chunk of EVERYONE AFRAID...) was written before the project came into shape, a time when BOUNTY was going to be the name of the group and they had no idea where they were going with it. it always makes me think of what the hell they intended initially, and why did they suddenly change everything so drastically from BOUNTY to KIN. i wonder if someday jonna and claes would dare to put out a documentary about the early days... but it's never clever to wish too much from them; they will give what they find us deserving of.

    Glitterizer’s score: 7.25

    this version takes away the very thing that give the original its magical feel, the “talking underwater” vocal effect, and doesn’t even have the decency to add a new verse or anything. the beat part does go kinda hard, but i feel like the original still went harder somehow.

    @kal (7) “I think I was a tad too hyped based on the interlude and this one left me a bit disappointed.”

    @sfmartin (4) “Quite atmospheric but that's it really. A glorified interlude. I do like when it goes a bit harder halfway through.”

    @andru (7) “I wish it was it was faithful to the production of the prelude it's based on, as the bubbly synths and distorted vocal was such a highlight, and that it had some additional lyrics to make the song feel more complete. I'm glad we got this full version after 8 years though!”

    @DinahLee (5) “This is kind of useless, isn't it? It worked better as a mysterious prelude.”

    @cleosnatchra (7.8) “I was soooo excited for this track, as I LOVED the original 'carry my head' audio and had even burned it onto an iamamiwhoami CD I made for friends. I was really excited for this track to take it into a new direciton, but was kind of disappointed that it didn't really feel like it 'went' anywhere else, no new vocal melodies, sections, etc... Sort of just felt like a remix which could have been fan-made. STILL, the material that is there is GOOD, and it's still one of my favorites from the album”

    @Babyblue (7.5) “the bells in the second half elevate it beautifully.”

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  16. this is going way too... smooth. Expecting some hard fuckery for the top10 now.
  17. Ripple is saved for me by the bridge and lyrics. I really love the message of that song.

    GENESARETS SJÖ is just soothing to listen to and the breezy production is sublime. I think the vocal performance is ionna at her best.

    Like much promise...
  18. [​IMG]
  19. This sums it up; the strawberry cake placenta whale fantasy is lost a little on LIKE HELL, though I still have a soft spot for it in the end
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  20. Seems we all feel much the same way about LIKE HELL.
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