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so many questions, so many songs unrated; the iamamiwhoami rate / THE WINNER!!!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by eatyourself, Nov 22, 2021.


Which album is your favorite?

  1. bounty

  2. kin

  3. blue




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  1. I love LIKE HELL dd. More for me!

  2. #55

    "someone wanted the whole of me,
    i open my hands with none to give"

    i KEEP

    released: may 2019 | artist: ionnalee | album: REMEMBER THE FUTURE


    highest scores:
    10.00 @Andy French
    9.00 @eatyourself @Remyky22 @MisterNovem
    8.50 @NightmareBoy @babyblue @Sleet

    8.20 @BubblegumBoy

    lowest scores:
    4.00 @LE0Night
    5.00 @Cutlery
    6.00 @Wild Man.

    Glitterizer’s score: 8.00

    REMEMBER THE FUTURE keeps losing songs fast, this time it's i KEEP's turn to get the chop. this one is cute! the lyrics are its strong point, they are #vulnerable and #relatable, and the chorus has a very solid melody, but i feel like all the small parts don't come together in a satisfying way to meet the potential hidden in this composition. a composition that actually had plenty of time to be fleshed out, as its another track from the mouth of a river scrapped album ddd

    eatyourself’s score: 9.00

    this is one of the best post-iamamiwhoami songs. it's anthemic and epic, but still subtle and vulnerable. i love how intimate the lyrics are, how melancholic her delivery is, the production is top notch. i didn't give this a full 10 because i feel the verses don't transition naturally into the chorus, maybe a tiny pre-chorus would help it. i also love that this is from BOUNTY days, the melodies and vocal affectations give me a bit of B/; john but also remind me of BLUE's soundscape. overall a solid pop song that feels genuine and sincere. i would have several other songs out before this one.

    @kal (7)
    “never really clicked properly with me. it's just kind of there.”

    @sfmartin (6.5) “pretty but bland. nothing very memorable about it. gets a bit repetitive after a while.”

    @andru (7.5) “certainly an... interesting... track. i like the sentiment of the lyrics, but i'm not a big fan of the bouncy rhythm which makes the song come across a bit juvenile in contrast to the lyrical content. my opinion on whether it makes a good or bad closing track for the album goes back and forth a lot too!”

    @babyblue (8.5) “the way she sings "i" in the chorus >>>”

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  3. #54

    "calling all the lost ones from your hiding,
    come creep out from your holes
    it's time to break this heavy silence,
    it's time to raise the noise"


    released: february 2018 | artist: ionnalee | album: EVERYONE AFRAID TO BE FORGOTTEN


    highest scores:
    10.00 @Wild Man.
    9.00 @BubblegumBoy @huntypoo
    8.70 @Untouchable Ace / 8.50 @TéléDex

    8.25 @Zdarlight

    lowest scores:
    4.50 @sfmartin
    6.00 @AGiantSheep @He

    Glitterizer’s score: 7.00

    more ionnalee eliminations? it's more likely than you think. WATCHES WATCHES is yet another song rescued from times past, though this time not from the mouth of a river archives. its original title was "bounty's anthem (watch me as i go)", and it was registered even before n and t, which is fairly interesting, isn't it? the lyrics do fit that title. this is not an amazing song, but it's competent, and fits nicely as the opening track for the album, as well as ionnalee's post-iamamiwhoami solo career. it doesn't really have a traditional chorus, with the production doing a lot of the heavy lifting. i would say this maybe could have been shortened to an intro length, but i appreciate the build-up, specially how the bell-like synths get louder near the ending.

    eatyourself’s score: 7.50

    @kal (7)
    “there's something off about this song and i can't put my finger on it”

    @sfmartin (4.5) “a bit of a meh opener to her first solo album. quite boring and repetitive. does enough to keep me interested for the rest of the album i guess. it outstays its welcome by about a minute.”

    @andru (7.5) “a good intro to the album and i love the instrumentation at times, especially when it builds a bit behind jonna's vocal in the chorus. i wish the verses had more going on as things feel very sparse there.”

    @babyblue (7) “seeing as this album is definitely a bit on the long side, i would say this one might not have made the cut if i'd be in charge of a more condensed tracklist.”

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  4. I've always liked the delivery of WATCHES, adds to the drama and the trumpets help too. That said, I guess it does end one note-ish
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  5. It's not really bad, but I always found WATCHES a bit unnecessary. It sounds like a prelude to the actual album opener (JOY).
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  6. What's left from "Remember the Future" at this point? "i KEEP" is one of the highlights...
  7. The three singles, SILENCE MY DRUM, CRYSTAL and WIPE IT OFF.
  8. I want to like Watches Watches more than I do. It's a 9 for me in context of the album. It's a really great intro and establishes the world of the project. But on its own, it doesn't quite hold up as a stand alone and I agree it could be shortened to intro length. I definitely think there are weaker tracks, but I'm not wounded by its axing.
  9. Watches Watches works really well as an album opener, it does feel like it introduced the record nicely and sets the tone. However, as a stand alone track it doesn't have a lot going on.
  10. I agree with both of the above. I really like it in context but I would rarely come back to it solo. This may be controversial but I'd prefer to listen to it than tracks like Memento.
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  11. i KEEP on the other hand...I'm a sucker for self-love songs. I personally would save it over other songs, but I understand how it may not be everyone's cup of tea.
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  12. I’m glad to have been the lowest scorer for ‘ripple’. What a mess of a song.
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  13. WATCHES is... drama! It's giving drama. They asked for drama and she gave them drama.
    I used to like it a lot when the album first came out, then got a little bored of it. But every now and then, it's a nice listen. It sets the mood very nicely.

    Seeing Kin is basically untouched and happy and then realizing that most of rates I've participated, every "untouched" album will just bleed out before the top10.
  14. True Romance, Cape God and others suffer. But I have faith that idle talk, play and goods are in it for sure!

  15. [​IMG]


    "silence my drum
    and hush my calls
    my sound will travel
    until it stops"


    released: may 2019 | artist: ionnalee | album: REMEMBER THE FUTURE


    highest scores:
    10.00 @Andy French @BubblegumBoy / 9.90 @Untouchable Ace
    9.50 @TéléDex
    9.00 @kal @andru / 8.90 @MisterNovem

    lowest scores:
    3.50 @Wild Man.
    5.00 @LE0Night
    6.00 @sfmartin @babyblue @cleosnatchra @clowezra

    Glitterizer’s score: 8.00

    SILENCE MY DRUM... i'm coming up blank, girlies. i don't really have anything to say about this one. it's fine. sometimes it feels like an 8, sometimes like a 7. i have no idea what to make of the lyrics: are they empowering? defeatist? hopeful? hopeless? so many questions, so many things unsaid. the most memorable thing about it is @eatyourself calling it "AQUIETE MEU PANDEIRO" which gave me a good cackle!

    eatyourself’s score: 7.00

    i like isolated elements and how the pre-chorus builds, but i don't think it achieves it's ultimate goal. the instrumental breakdown doesn't feel special enough to grant it its length. the chord progression in the chorus sounds a bit random to me, but maybe that just shows how musically ignorant i am! the lyrics also sound a bit redundant to me.

    @kal (9) “one of my favourites on this album. stunning chorus.”

    @sfmartin (6) “so much of this album just doesn’t work for me. i find so many of the songs unsatisfying considering what has gone before it. this is one of them.”

    @BubblegumBoy (10) “my back up 11. the production and lyrics are just stunning here. i can picture this playing at the end of a movie, it’s got that kind of vibe.”

    @andru (9) “for some reason listening to everyone afraid to be forgotten and remember the future back-to-back for the rate left me thinking silence my drum has a lot in common with everyone afraid to be forgotten. for me it'd probably be in the lower rated songs on that album, but among the tracks on remember the future it ends up being a highlight.”

    @DinahLee (7) “i'm gonna be honest... it's been hard dd. i think most of this also sounds like nice concepts without a second thought. they're not bad, but they're boring. it sounds like a compilation of b-sides that almost-but-didn't make the first 4 albums.” i mean........ that's kind of what it actually is ddddd

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  16. time for our first elimination of a song with multiple versions!


    "you and me, we spent our days
    trapped inside a thickening haze
    slowly running out of ways
    to reinvent our shrinking maze"

    the deadlock (live from CONCERT IN BLUE)

    released: september 2015 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: CONCERT IN BLUE / single

    of the 19 voters that rated both versions,
    6 preferred this one

    7.4 (7.4224) average

    the deadlock (KRONOLOGI version)

    released: june 2020 | artist: iamamiwhoami | album: KRONOLOGI

    of the 19 voters that rated both versions,
    2 preferred this one

    7.5 (7.5394) average

    the deadlock
    combined average


    highest scores:
    10.00 @DinahLee (live) / @MisterNovem
    9.10 @Untouchable Ace (KRONOLOGI)
    @NightmareBoy (live)

    8.75 @Zdarlight (live)

    lowest scores:
    4.00 @LE0Night
    6.00 @babyblue, @Kadebostany, @sfmartin (live)

    Glitterizer’s score: 8.50 (live)

    the deadlock was debuted live during CONCERT IN BLUE. it was written around 2010-2011, intended as the original opening track for kin before it was replaced by sever. i think sever is much better, but this would have certainly made for a great opening track in its own right! it sounds ominous and bassy, and has a really great build-up. i particularly love the high pitched flute-like synths during the outro. and its for those reasons that i don't care much for the studio version released in KRONOLOGI, the bass sounds a bit neutered and it completely ditches that part of the outro :(

    eatyourself’s score: 8.00

    this gives goodbye song in lyrics, production and harmony. it translates as an honest letter to her followers in a bittersweet tone, both regretful and proud - "who knows what i would turn into? who knows my world? who shares my view?", cries of isolation, confusion and insecurity for what comes ahead. works both as a prophecy and a prayer. i'm glad we have this version from KRONOLOGI because the original one feels a bit dry.

    @sfmartin (6) (live) “the chorus is a let down.”

    @sfmartin (5) (KRONOLOGI) “dark and foreboding but ultimately nothing much happens."

    @andru (7) (live) “A nice bonus track for CONCERT IN BLUE, but that's all. it was interesting to learn later on that it was being considered for kin. i think it would suit that album as the production reminds me of something like rascal.”

    @andru (7) (KRONOLOGI) “i've always found the track a little monotonous and too long since it doesn't really build to anything. the studio recording included on KRONOLOGI isn't too different from the live version released as part of CONCERT IN BLUE either, so while it's nice to have, it wasn't essential to me in the way some of the other KRONOLOGI releases were.”

    @cleosnatchra (7) (live) “always felt VERY Westworld intro to me... but yeah, never really stuck with me”

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  17. sever should have left before this for a full popjustice moment.

    I like this a lot and it would be such a great addition to kin. I think I wrote some commentary (and then deleted) about how funny that it was supposed to be the opening track and then they switched for sever. Makes you wonder about the whole concept of "finishing and music and visuals all in real time".

    Silence My Drum... well. Yeah. I know that Remember The Future was the original Kronologi(tm), but it's still odd since they pretty much invested time to produce and polish these songs yet couldn't "fix" them.
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  18. This is the first one I'm really pissed about! Deadlock is one of my all time favorite iam/ionna songs!! It's so hauntingly beautiful.
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  19. I knew this rate would be messy... But this messy!? Maybe I should have given Silence My Drum my 11.
  20. kal


    You’re so wrong for this. And several other crimes committed in this rate.
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